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Interview with Margaret Dilloway by Lily Schultz

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in Author Interviews, Blog, Fresh Ink, Inklings

Margaret Dilloway is the newest member of the SDWI board. She is author of The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns, Winner of the American Library Association’s Literary Tastes for Best Women’s Fiction; How to Be an American Housewife; and the upcoming Sisters of Heart and Snow, all from Putnam Books. How did you become a member of the board? What is the process? I had a couple of friends on the board and I asked them about it. The next thing I knew,...


Love for you, this week especially– with Lara Eisenberg

Posted by on Feb 13, 2017 in Blog, Fresh Ink, Inklings

Self-love is an integral part of our success in all aspects of life. It affects every part of our life and enhances the quality of our relationships.  Here are three reasons why it is important to cultivate and nurture: 1) It builds confidence.  People that love themselves will have better relationships, higher chances of getting a job or a promotion and are more open to receive the beauty life has to offer. 2) You will take life as your lover.  When we love...


Crystal Daigle: Poetry and Character (“Why did I give up caffeine?” poem)

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017 in Blog, Fresh Ink, Inklings

  Crystal Daigle will be teaching Characters and Poetry on Sunday, Jan 29th. Here’s an example of the type of poetry the class will encourage:   Why did I give up caffeine? (a poem) by Crystal Daigle Why did I give up caffeine? Today I could really use a cup. A cup the size of a circus tent. I would stick a straw through the top and sip it into me in one sucking sipping blood transfusion-like hit! But I gave it up. I’ll be...


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San Diego Writers, Ink, nurtures writers and fosters a literary community by:

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We hang our literary hats at The Ink Spot, a bright and creative space at NTC Liberty Station on Point Loma. Here writers and artists and those who love literature gather for literary events and art exhibitions. We’re an enthusiastic collaborator with many artistic, cultural, and community organizations and join with others throughout the city and county in promoting literature and creating community.


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