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Interview with Seretta Martin — by Rhys Lee

Posted by on Apr 25, 2016 in Author Interviews, Fresh Ink

Seretta Martin is a poet who invented a new form of poetry called haiphrastic, discussed below. Her next class is 05/15 Humor and Poetry.   San Diego Writers, Ink: states you created your own form of poetry called “haiphrastic.” Could you explain that for me? What forms are you blending? Why are you blending them? Seretta Martin: This form is an amalgamation of two forms of poetry: Ekphrastic and Contemporary Haibun (a form of Haiku). There are three...


Interview with Cornelia Feye — by Rhys Lee

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in Author Interviews, Fresh Ink

San Diego Writers, Ink: I see that you were an art historian and anthropologist. What got you into writing short stories and flash fiction? Cornelia Feye: For my work I write essays and articles about art and artists. This naturally evolved into writing short stories and mystery novels. I enjoy using my imagination, which I have to suppress for the non-fiction writing.   SDWI: How has your previous background as an art historian and anthropologist influenced your...


How Technical Writing Can Help You with Amy Roost — by Rhys Lee

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Author Interviews, Blog, Fresh Ink

As the modern world progressively becomes more and more automated, there is a growing need for technical writers—people who can explain how a system or software program works. This form of writing can help you pay closer attention to detail and write to one specific audience. I talked to Amy Roost, who will be doing a class on April 18, about technical writing. She explains how automation requires software and software then requires technical writers. She asserts that...


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