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NaNoWriMo Day 24 – The Great Procrastinator by Serenity Harding

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Blog, Fresh Ink, Inklings

I thought I outgrew waiting until the last minute to complete a project back in college. With a word count of a whopping 1,293 and some hand written pages, clearly, I am mistaken. Apparently, my inner self misses the joy of pure procrastination. Now, I did write this week; only, it was for another novel (not included in the word count). Honestly though, that is a clever stretch to mask my lack of motivation on the novel dedicated to this month. Chapter ideas flow...


Pen to Paper Holiday Happy Hour Dec 18th in La Jolla

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in Blog, Fresh Ink, Inklings

You are invited DEC 18 at 5:30pm in La Jolla All Writers Welcome Pen to Paper is SDWI’s free writing practice group hosted by Diane Malloy.  It’s for all writers who are willing to pick up a pen rather than type at a computer for this one hour a week.  Writing prompts are given and writers are invited to share what they wrote during the free time of the session. More info on the group:...


NaNoWriMo Day 17 – The Late Night Write by Serenity Harding

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in Fresh Ink, Inklings

There is a good kind of nothingness in a peaceful sleep. Until 2:32 a.m. hits and…BAM! The writing wheels kick-in and I awake with a jolt. After the shakes subside, the jumbled voices flicker in and out. I fight the insanity with angry, floppy body movements and groaning; when realization smacks me with clarity. The sounds are in my head. It seems my characters are on a different time zone and have the urge to dramatically dialogue. Any other month, the routine would...


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