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Poe Prizes: Get Your Tickets From the Roaming Zombie and Other Helpers

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Blog, Craft Talk, Fresh Ink

Opportunity Drawing Tickets – Raffle at the E.A. Poe Memorial and Wake 10/21 7-10pm You can choose which items you like the most and put your tickets in their box. There will be 10 or more baskets, each filled with wonderful Poe or Literary Themed prizes. You must be present at 9:50pm for the drawing in order to win! Raffle tickets will be available throughout the evening from roaming raffle ticket sellers. Cost: $1/ea or 6/$5 or “length of your arm”/$20. and...


The Shadowy History of the E. A. Poe Benefit and Wake by Judy Reeves

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Blog, Fresh Ink, Inklings

The Raven may have quothed “Nevermore,” at the end of the first E. A. Poe Memorial Benefit and Wake at The Writing Center in 1994, but nobody paid any attention. We went ahead and staged another gala the next year. And yet again, when The Writing Center moved from the Gaslamp Quarter to Hillcrest. Three times we opened the doors to The House of Usher, broke out our Casks of Amontillado and approached the Valley of Unrest where Murders in the Rue Morgue were...


Writing is Writing is Writing by Molly Cook

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Blog, Craft Talk, Fresh Ink

WRITING IS WRITING IS WRITING (Originally appeared in a slightly different form on my blog What Would Steinbeck Do? http://whatwouldsteinbeckdo.wordpress.com) Published writers tend to think of themselves as “real” writers — the ones churning out hot novels and heartfelt poetry and memoirs and thrilling true-life adventures or exposes. All others who push pens or tap keys are just writing hacks. Sadly, those other writers also tend to think of themselves this way...


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