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Beach House Writing Salon Oct 11

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014 in Blog, Fresh Ink

Beach House Writing Salon: Saturday, Oct. 11, in Crown Point, a full day of writing tips and advice for aspiring writers and curious readers, from five successful authors with multiple books under their belts. The five authors are SDWI’s own Caitlin Rother and Tammy Greenwood, as well as Ron Franscell, Steve Jackson, and Matthew J. Pallamary. The authors will conduct workshops, one-on-one critiques, and a panel discussion on the state and future of...


Anticipating the Fiction Cohort by T.C. Porter

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in Blog, Fresh Ink

As I look forward to the cohort I lead beginning September 2, unsure who will join, or what they hope to accomplish—knowing that the shape of the group will be impacted by each participant—like the individual threads of a rope, to me the value of such an endeavor is the ties that bind us into something larger than solitary writers. The enterprise of fashioning words into stories pulls us into ourselves, and we must be intentional about uncurling, venturing...


Interview with YA writer Ara Burklund by Leyla Kaplan

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in Author Interviews, Fresh Ink

Ara Burklund is a local author who recently released a young adult novel titled If I Die Before I Wake. In her book, the main character deals with the loss of her boyfriend. A new experimental treatment promises her a chance to be reunited with him (for a short while at least) in the afterlife. To her astonishment, the experiment works. However, her joy is short lived when she realizes that her visits to the afterlife may cost her her own life. SDWI was glad for a...


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