02/23 Publish Your Book Now, Profitably with Tom Bird

Date: Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013 Time: 5pm-8pm Number of sessions: 1--1 Day Class Members: $45 Nonmembers: $54 Location: Ink Spot, 710 13th St, Studio 210, San Diego, CA 92101
Exciting New Class!


Publish Your Book Now, Publish Profitably – An Approach for Getting Your Book Published Here and Now, Retaining Creative/Editorial Control of Your Beloved Project and Earning Way More Money, Success and Freedom from Doing So than You Ever Thought Possible

Who among us doesn’t have a need to be heard, to leave what we have to say/share in a tangible form, to have our books published. In the natural follow up to Write Your Book in a Weekend, this one-of-a-kind-course takes you on an exciting journey into modern day book publishing, and all of the opportunities it offers authors, new as well as proven. Some of the topics to be covered in this course include
how to:
  • Go from finished manuscript to published author within weeks
  • Cut out the middle man and, as a result, gross nine times as much revenue as you could have expected as a book author ten years ago
  • Gain financial and creative freedom as a result
  • Master the four routes to best seller success
  • Move from struggling writer to best selling author in a few short weeks
And much, much more! If you have never published a book, this course is for you. For it will show you how to achieve ultimate literary success right out of the gate. If you are already a published author, this course will offer you a step-by-step plan for substantially upgrading your approach to book publishing and, as a result, offering you greater, joy, freedom, success and wealth.

As with Bird’s offering preceding this one, space is limited. So it is strongly suggested that you register immediately.


Tom Bird is the author of 24 books. He is also the architect of The Tom Bird Method of Writing and Publishing, which has led thousands to live their writing dreams. He has given over 4,000 lectures of this typeat over 110 different colleges and universities, including Duke University, The College of William and Mary, The University of Texas, and San Diego State University.

Visit Tom’s website: http://www.sandiegowriterstombird.com



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