04/12 Poetry As Self Discovery with Jim Moreno

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014 Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm Number of sessions: 8--April 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Members: $240 Nonmembers: $288 Location: The NEW Ink Spot, NTC at Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92106

Continuing the theme of personal stories from same and other cultural themes of storytelling, this course assists the poet with moving from personal threads, to string, to chord, to rope to bridge in the writer’s inner quest of self-discovery.

Beginning with the amplification of a container of safety strengthened by the personal, familial, and cultural values of each poet, this course discovers the writer’s muse through diverse narrative poetry forms. Verse with roots in Persia, Asia, Native America, as well as poetry from the instructors’ personal library ( The Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart, Bill Moyers’ The Language of Life, and The San Diego Poetry Annual­ 2011-2013) will whet the poetic appetite of writers hungry, not only for writing in community, but writing with passion.

Composition, craft, and revision are strengthened by comparison of basic human themes as seen from cultural windows and understanding one culture can inform and heal another.

Week 1   ―  Introduction  “I am” Poetry Revisited

Week 2  ― Roots & Wings, Poetry From Spain, 1900-­1975

Week 3   ― Ancestor Stories from  Asia

Week 4  ― Persia & Peace, Rumi & Hafiz

Week 5    ― Multi­Cultural Voices, The Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart

Week 6  ― Verse from the South, Twentieth Century Latin American Poets

Week 7   ― Poem­ stories of Local Poets, San Diego Poetry Annual, 2011­-2013

Week 8  ― Stories of Peace, Poets Against The War

Week 9  ― Poem ­stories of life, Bill Moyers: The Language of Life

While this course does build on the themes of Poetry as Storytelling, the class is designed to be useful to both beginning and seasoned poets and all interested parties can join this course without taking the prior course.


jim-morenoJim Moreno serves on the Program Committee of Writers’ Ink, Inc., He is on the Advisory Board of the Poetic Medicine Institute and was the Poet in Residence for the Juvenile Court & Community Schools. Jim has taught as a guest poet at California State University, Long Beach, Southwestern College, Magee Park Poets, CalSAC Statewide Conference, the Buddhist Churches of America Annual Conference, St. Elmo’s Village (both in Los Angeles), the Crossroads Foundation (via grant from the Poetic Medicine Institute in Palo Alto), area high schools and Indian reservations.

Moreno is the author of Dancing In Dissent: Poetry For Activism (Dolphin Calling Press, 2007), and two cd’s reversing the erased: exhuming the expunged, and A Question From Love. He has been published in City Works, The Langston Hughes Poetry Anthology, The Magee Park Poets Anthology, Tidepools, The San Diego Poetry Annual, and others. Jim is the host of the 2 Open Mic­Jihmye at the Cafe Cabaret on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights.

Jim Moreno has a Masters in Psychology. He credits his mother’s storytelling when he was a child and writing narratives about clients for 25 years as the key to his skills as a poet. Jim won first place for nonfiction in the Living Authors’ Society inaugural contest in 1994.

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