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10/11 Fall for Writing Conference

Date: October 11-14, 2012 Time: Varies Number of sessions: 9 Workshops, 3 panels, and free events! Members: See below Nonmembers: See below Location: Ink Spot, 710 13th St, Studio 210, San Diego, CA 92101

Join San Diego Writers, Ink in its First Annual Autumn Conference!

In celebration of Fall for the Arts 2012, reduced admission workshops and panels will be scheduled throughout each day–with one special Fiction Read and Critique Workshop with Drusilla Campbell Thursday evening–and free community gatherings and readings will be open to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings. Fall for Writing, suitable for all levels, will explore a wide range of genres drawing attention to why we write and how we do it.  Workshops will introduce new methods as well as possible forms.  Panels will cover interesting topics such as pitching your book idea, finding an agent, and submitting to journals.  Renowned writers and as publishers will share their insights from morning to evening, Oct 11-14, at the Ink Spot in San Diego’s East Village.

All workshops, panels and special events will occur at the Ink Spot.

Conference Pricing

All workshops are $25 each for member and nonmembers and all panel discussions are $5 each for members and nonmembers.* All events are $5 suggested donation for members and nonmembers. However you may also pay $75 for all workshops and panels! (We hope if you select to register for All-in-One for $75, you will select which workshops you plan to attend to help instructors get ready for you. Thanks!)

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Workshops – Please click here to register for individual workshops!

Thursday, October 11


STORY/FICTION/NONFICTION  Show, Don’t Tell – How to Move the Audience from Reading to Experiencing w/ Judy Reeves  

The most common advice given writers is, “Show, don’t tell.” But what exactly do those words mean? And how do writers put it into practice? This workshop takes a close-up look at detail – that most important element of craft and how to make good writing that reveals rather than explains. We’ll also look at how sensory details invite the reader into the world of the story, the use of verbs that create combustible sentences, and how to move out of the mind and into the motion of the story.


FILM/NONFICTION/FICTION  Secrets to Creating an Unforgettable Core Idea w/Carlos de los Rios

Is your core premise strong enough to get you produced or published?  Professional writer and producer Carlos de los Rios will teach you how to identify what makes a solid, marketable and complete core idea.  Since the idea is the foundation for literally everything you will write, this is a “do not miss” class for writers of either screenplay, fiction, or nonfiction.


FICTION/BOOK  Fiction Read and Critique w/ Drusilla Campbell

The first three pages of Chapter #1 are the most important in your book. Will the agent or editor read to the end of the chapter where you sink your hook? It all depends on the first three pages. Drusilla Campbell will read, critique and slip in a few mini lessons and how-tos in this workshop intended for writers at any level who want to get their book off to a rocket start.


Friday, October 12


NOVEL/FICTION  Starting Your Novel w/ T. Greenwood

Got a great idea for a novel but don’t know where to start? This two hour workshop will help you put pen to paper. The focus will be on finding the best place to start your novel and then writing an opening scene that will grab hold of your reader and not let them go.


FILM  Come Learn the Craft of Screenwriting! w/ Marni Freedman

Have you ever dreamed of taking your work to the big screen?  This fun and interactive workshop will include the basics of: creating a marketable story idea,  loglines, the 10 Most Popular Genres in Hollywood, and an introduction to structure and plotting including how to use a Beat Sheet–a vital tool that will shape your screenwriting forever.

Happy Hour Meet and Greet Tonight!

Saturday, October 13


NONFICTION  Memoir w/ Thomas Larson

Join Thomas Larson, author of The Memoir and the Memoirist, for a two-hour introductory workshop on memoir. We’ll use writing exercises and handouts to answer these questions: what’s a memoir, what makes a good focus, and how do I stay on track and keep a memoir going. In Thomas Larson’s expanded class, “Beginning the Memoir,” on October 20th, we’ll cover more topics with in-depth writing exercises and longer examples from memoir literature.


POETRY  Poetry Workshop w/ Steve Kowit

After discussing the structure and virtues of two or three model poems and the techniques of poetic music–assonance, alliteration, cadence, metrical patterns, consonance, internal rhyme, and anaphora–participants will write a new poem or, if there’s time, two new poems.

Reading Tonight!


Sunday, October 14


PUBLISHING/BOOK  Pitch Me Your Story w/ Jennifer Silva Redmond

The most important selling tool a writer has is a great pitch. Bring a short pitch–or query letter–or a rough idea, and pitch your book idea to Jennifer Silva Redmond. She’ll critique it and help you recraft your pitch so it works for you!


STORY/FICTION/NONFICTION  New Work Kickstart! w/ Nicole Vollrath

Don’t know what to write next?  In this interactive workshop, we’ll employ prompts and exercises to generate fresh material and possible inspiration for your next novel, story or personal narrative.  Or just for fun.  Come try on some new voices, new characters, and get your creative juices flowing.  Bring a pen, paper (or laptop) and a willingness to write something new.  Open to all ages and levels of experience.


Panel Discussions – Please click here to register for individual panel discussions!

Friday, October 12


Foot in the Door: Tips for Submitting Your Work


Saturday, October 13


Writers on Writing: Writing Process from Page to Stage


Sunday, October 14


What Next? Applying to MFA Programs, Fellowships, and Residencies


Special Events – Please click here to RSVP for the FREE Special Events!

Meet and Greet Friday, 10/12!


Come meet the SDWI staff, board members, and instructors!


Amy Locklin and Open Mic Reading Saturday, 10/13!


The Executive Director, Amy Locklin, will read from her newly released poetry chapbook The Secondary Burial and excerpts from the sci-fi and fantasy book she edited Altered States. The reading will be followed by an Open Mic featuring conference participants!!!


* Because this is a benefit conference offering reduced costs, we regret no additional reductions can apply.