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10/25-10/27 Fall for Writing Salons and Drop-in Events

Date: Fall for Writing Conference: Friday, Oct 25 to Sun Oct 27, 2013 Time:  Number of sessions: Many! No registration required for any of these sessions Members: Free or $5 Nonmembers: Free or $5 Location: 

The Fall for Writing Conference has tons of stuff going on during three days.  You can sign up for the whole conference or just register for a few of the workshops.

But in addition to the workshops, there are a bunch of free or “drop in” events (most for $5 donations) throughout the day.  Here’s what you could come and do with us.

FRIDAY 10/25:  No registration Required for any of these events:

6:00-7:00pm Opening Reception/Speaker: Laurel Corona (FREE) at the Ink Spot

Her topic is “Writing Scared.”

Laurel Corona is the author of THE MAPMAKER’S DAUGHTER which will be released from Sourcebooks in March 2014. THE FOUR SEASONS, PENELOPE’S DAUGHTER, FINDING EMILIE, and UNTIL OUR LAST BREATH are already available at your local store.
7:00-8:00pm Reading with Reg E. Gaines (suggested donation $5) at the Ink SpotTony and Grammy nominated writer, Bring in the da Funk, Bring in da Noise.
8:15-9:30pm Panel: MFA programs & Other Academic Options for Writers (Hosted by Kim Keeline) (suggested donation $5) at the Ink Spot


SATURDAY 10/26:  No Registration Required for any of these events:

9:00-10:45am Morning Room to Write at Inspirations Gallery (Free for Members/$5 non-members)
11:00am-12:45pm Yoga and Writing at Inspirations Gallery ($5)
Chair Yoga and Contemplative Walking
Rest, restore, renew. We’ll open up your whole being with gentle chair yoga, contemplative walking, a discussion of an illuminating text, and some optional quiet time for writing. No previous yoga experience is required.Julia Doughty, MFA, HHP, CYT, has taught writing courses in community centers, colleges, and schools throughout California since 1989. And she has over 40 years of experience as a yoga practitioner, therapist, and teacher. For her current services and chapbooks, see: She will be teaching the Here and Now Creative Writing Class at Writers, Ink beginningNovember 5.
 1:00-2:00pm Rejection Salon at Inspirations Gallery  (Hosted by Judy Reeves) (suggested $5 donation)
Rejection is part of the process for any writer who submits their work (yes, this is correct grammar, just ask Grant), in fact, the road to publication is paved with rejection. Yet the word itself is like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, is a punch to the gut, and a terrible a blow to the ego.To make it worse, like so many other parts of the writing process, being on the receiving end of a rejection letter/email/fax/phone call is something we often must do alone.So we say, why suffer alone? Come to the “Rejection Salon” and share your pain. You’ll share some laughs, too, which is one of the best ways we know to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again.We’ll offer prizes for the “best” and the “worst” rejection and stage a Rejection Letter Shredding Ceremony, consigning those old dispatchers of bad news to the recycling bin where they can perhaps one day become the paper on which your new contract is written.
2:00-3:45pm Ekphrastic Poetry: Writing Art at Inspirations Gallery (Hosted by Sarah Sleeper) (suggested $5 donation)

Ekphrastic poets find their inspiration in works of visual art. The poems they write imagine, describe or expand upon the “story” of an image, and each individual poet creates unique works of poetic art, separate from but related to the visual art. In this workshop Sarah Z. Sleeper will teach you methodologies so that you can confidently approach this exciting cross-genre art space. You will work in a lovely gallery and will create one or more of your own ekphrastic poems.
6:00-7:45pm Panel: Genre Writing at Inspirations Gallery (suggested $5 donation)
8:00-9:30pm Panel:  Editing and Publishing  (Hosted by T. Greenwood) (suggested $5 donation) at the Ink Spot
Trivial Writers:  Literary Trivia Contest with Prizes (Hosted by Kim Keeline) (suggested $5 donation) at Inspirations Gallery


SUNDAY 10/27:  No Registration Required for any of these events:

9:00-10:45am Book sale/exchange and Writer Meetup (FREE coffee and bagels!) (hosted by Kristen Fogle) at Inspirations Gallery
11:00am-12:45pm Book sale/exchange and Writer Meetup (FREE coffee and bagels!) (hosted by Kristen Fogle) at Inspirations Gallery
1:00-2:00pm Playful Poetry Salon ($5 suggested donation) (hosted by Jim Moreno) at Inspirations Gallery
Anyone who thinks poetry is boring or for snobs or intellectuals or who doesn’t “understand” poetry, has never participated in Playful Poetry. In this Salon, we’ll play a variety of poetry games including “The Exquisite Corpse,” collaborative poetry, cut-aparts, redacted poetry, acrostics, “I Say Tomato…” and other lively and creative exercises. It’s fun, it’s imaginative and who knows, you might get a poem out of the experience. One thing we know for sure, you won’t be bored. Bring your own ideas for poetry games.
2:00-3:45pm The Look of the Book ($5) (Jeniffer Thompson) at the Ink Spot
It’s true, readers really do judge a book by its cover.  A professionally designed cover stands out as just that—professional.  Readers are more likely to pick it up, turn it over and flip through it, reviewers are more likely to review it, and the media is more likely to take you serious as a viable and trustworthy author. A well thought out cover ensures more opportunity and more visibility for your book.In this class, Jeniffer Thompson will walk you through the basics of cover and interior design as well as before and after examples that illustrate how even small changes can turn an okay cover into a shining best seller.
2:00-3:45pm Writing Prompt Session ($5 suggested donation) (hosted by Nicole Vollrath) at Inspirations Gallery
8:00-9:30pm Reading/Closing Ceremony (FREE) at the Ink Spot