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10/27 Writing from Grief with Sheila Bender

Date: Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 Time: 10 am- 4 pm Number of sessions: 1--One Day Workshop!! Members: $90 Nonmembers: $108 Location: Ink Spot, 710 13th St, Studio 210, San Diego, CA 92101

Sheila Bender is back with this popular, enriching class!

Writing from Grief

So many of us have suffered severe losses – pregnancies, children, spouses, parents, marriages, health, houses, jobs and opportunities we longed to fulfill. We may have lost our sense of ourselves because of helplessness in the face of loss.

Writing can not change the pain or sorrow we suffer but it can help us figure out how to come to terms with it and find a way to hold it in our lives and go on. It can help us find a route to being able to feel all of our feelings so we may also feel the joy in our lives. Writing allows us to retrieve ourselves, reconstruct and retrieve loved ones, places and times, so we know we will never lose them.

Class exercises using published writing as models and class discussion will be geared toward helping participants begin and develop new work and/or revise work they started prior to class (please bring it if you have some). A gentle, empowering response method will help everyone see where they can say more and write the story and feelings they want to explore.

This class is a safe place to explore writing from grief.


Poet and essayist Sheila Bender tells the story of her family and the family of her son Seth Bender’s fiancée coming together, understanding that 25-year-old Seth will be taken off life support. She writes about the months they faced together before the upcoming day that would have been his wedding day, and she tells the story of using poetry to write her way out of grief and find a way of carrying her son`s life in her own, a way of understanding mortality and immortality. A New Theology: Turning to Poetry in a Time of Grief is accessible, absorbing, and a bringer of peace to those who mourn.



Sheila Bender is the author of over ten books on writing as well as two collections of poetry and a memoir. Her newest books are Creative Writing Demystified (McGraw-Hill), Writing and Publishing Personal Essays (Silver Threads Publishing), A New Theology: Turning to Poetry in a Time of Grief (Imago Press) and Writing in a New Convertible with the Top Down, co-authored with Christi Killien and available through

She has been a feature writer and columnist for Writer’s Digest Magazine and The Writer Magazine. In 2002, she founded and has been publishing weekly instructional articles for those who write from personal experience ever since at


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