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Crystal Daigle: Poetry and Character (“Why did I give up caffeine?” poem)

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Crystal Daigle will be teaching Characters and Poetry on Sunday, Jan 29th.

Here’s an example of the type of poetry the class will encourage:


Why did I give up caffeine? (a poem)

by Crystal Daigle

Why did I give up caffeine? Today I could really use a cup.
A cup the size of a circus tent.
I would stick a straw through the top and sip it into me
in one sucking sipping blood transfusion-like hit!

But I gave it up.
I’ll be walking the tightrope without it today.
The thing about being a tightrope walker in a traveling circus
is that you have a lot of free time
and I’m not always sure
how to use mine.

When I’m on the rope I can cope, no problem.
I take a step, the rope and I are one.
I take another step,
the rope and I
are one.

The pressure of the rope against my feet has become
my family; my mother, father, sisters, brothers.
I couldn’t imagine leaving it behind. Everyone
wants to know, “have you ever fallen?”
Oh come on, have I fallen? Did Adam eat the apple?
Once when we were doing a show in Hong Kong I fell big time.
The night before, I’d met Bruce Lee
and he’s all, “When the opponent expaaaand, I contract,
when the opponent contract, I expaaaand. ”

I fell in love.

If I can give you any advice, it’s don’t fall in love the night before you walk on the rope.
Bruce Lee’s philosophy unbalanced me and that’s no easy task.

Another thing I get asked is, “Do you ever dream that you’re up there?”
Which cracks me up because people don’t realize
that I sleep on the rope.
Its my family…you sleep with your family.

I don’t dream about being up there.
I dream about caffeine and all the other things I’ve given up
to be


Create a big character and write poetry from his/her voice.
Clairvoyant Artist and Poet Crystal Daigle teaches you to tap into your unconscious where you’ll discover a character(s) who becomes the fascinating narrator in your poetry. You’ll enjoy the unexpected and surreal qualities these techniques add to your writing. All levels welcome – great for anyone who is feeling blocked.


Crystal Daigle was a feature poet in the Phoenix poetry scene where her surreal story-poems starring Hafiz, the sufi poet saint, earned her major recognition. She also co-facilitated a weekly writer’s group for adults affected by mental illness and mentored poets one-on-one. Crystal’s training in clairvoyance assists students in accessing their intuition and flow; making their writing processes playful and deep.