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2017-05/20 Scene with Mark O’Bannon

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The Scene is the basic building block of a story. After an overview of The Seven Steps of Classical Story Structure, used by professional writers, you will learn:

  • The different kinds of scenes and where to place them in your story.
  • How to use each scene to move your hero to the next step in his line of development.
  • How to design scenes with unique twists, surprises and reveals.
  • How to layer different kinds of dialogue into a scene.
  • How to develop a list of scenes for your story.

Come to this class and become a better writer.


Mark O'BannonMark O’Bannon is an American novelist and game designer best known as the author of the fantasy series, “Shadows and Dreams.”

O’Bannon has studied writing and marketing techniques extensively, and has read over 200 books on the subjects.  O’Bannon has been conducting workshops, seminars and panels for authors on writing and marketing since 2007.


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