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Midge Raymond interviewed by Nicole Vollrath

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How did publishing your short story collection, Forgetting English, change your life?  It changed some aspects of my life, but others remained exactly the same. I’ve found that having a book helps pave the way for getting into bookstores and conferences to connect with readers and with other writers. I’m now part of a large group of writers who are based mostly in the Pacific Northwest and who each have at least one book published. We span many genres—poetry,...


Sydney Brown teaches 6 Poems in 6 Weeks

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  Kim Addonizio asserts “Poetry is often a misunderstood art. People think it’s easy to write. They don’t realize that it is as difficult to make a great poem as it is to make a great painting or blast out a virtuoso electric guitar solo. To understand poetry is an art is to understand that it is the same as every art, every discipline. It is work.” This class is all about the poet’s work; participants will be challenged to craft six poems in six...


Traveling Dilettante by Kim Schultz

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I just got back from Colorado. It was not the Best Trip Ever: something gastrointestinally disastrous for all involved, followed by bronchitis—let me just say you know you have great friends when you call and say, “Hi, I need the key to your place early since I’m going to be sick,” and they meet you pronto with a key, still smiling as you drive away. I had visions of writing while overlooking the Rockies, of scribbling longhand in beautiful notebooks with...


Ken Kuhlken teaches Good Guy and Bad Guy

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This class has been cancelled by the instructor and will be rescheduled for September. To be put on the waiting list, please email contact@sandiegowriters.org. Does your Fiction have elements of Suspense and Mystery? Ken Kuhlken teaches Good Guy and Bad Guy: Discovering Characters Who Will Write the Story for You This workshop will consist of a discussion and crafting of characters (heroic, dastardly, and in between), who are complex but not too complicated, who...


Laura Preble teaches Character Discovery Workshop

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Want to really get to know those strange characters who occupy your stories? This process workshop will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with your characters in ways you may never have explored before. And if you don’t already have a character, we’ll spend some time developing one! Includes guided imagery techniques, character interviews, writing exercises, read-arounds, and on-the-spot critiquing of the work you produce that day. If you’re already...