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6 Poems in 6 Weeks Reading

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A night of Poetry and Conversation! Poets from the two sessions of Sydney Brown’s popular workshop 6 Poems in 6 Weeks will converge for a reading on Thursday, August 4th at 7 p.m. Reception beforehand begins at 6. Everyone is bringing some sort of dish and a beverage. Come on out!     Sydney Brown‘s class, 6 Poems in 6 Weeks, at The Ink Spot is now so popular she opens up two sections. She teaches the class for us regularly and it always sells out...


Jill Badonsky Interviewed by Stacy Magic

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From where does your creativity spring? I believe inspiration is beyond the intellect’s ability to explain it. Somehow it comes from a beautiful concoction of ingredients that emerge from our intuition and imagination and includes the latest wake in the pool of collective consciousness; our personal drives, passions, history, personality tendencies, needs, quirks and even directions from our DNA. Which is another way of saying, “Heck.. I have NO idea where my...


Cursing Dilettante by Kim Schultz

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I grew up in a household where swearing was not so much expression as punctuation. In college, the wonderfully old-school and tremendously loving Mrs. Taylor slapped my face every time I cursed, and in doing so, made me fit for polite society and motherhood. Mothers of small children do not swear, good mothers, anyway. For swearing mommies, I can come up with Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest and Ian Frazier’s “The Cursing Mommy” series in The New Yorker. At this...


A Very Long Engagement by Marivi Blanco

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Volunteering at friends’ book parties is something I’ve always enjoyed for the vicarious thrill of seeing an author read from his or her newly published book. Nevertheless after helping out at a few of them, I began to feel rather wistful.  Was it forever going to be always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride for me?  When would it be my turn?  The answer lay in the 11-page contract I received from Penguin last Monday. Sandy, the editor charged with shepherding my...


What Turns a Novel into a Success Story by Zohreh Ghahremani

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“It’s a small world”, people say, but I prefer the old Persian saying, “The world is round, who knows when we’ll meet again?” Somehow I find an active world more appealing, more positive, than a small one. But regardless of the choice, I recently came to experience the profound meaning of such expressions. A few years ago, I wrote a review for Digging to America by Ann Tyler. Shortly after, I received a sweet letter from two ladies in the East Coast, who...