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Baking Dilettante by Kim Schultz

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I am burning a birthday cake. The smell of sugar turning to carbon is filling my house, despite the exhaust fan and two windows I have thrown open in an attempt to avoid setting off the fire alarms while Baby 2.0 is sleeping (please, anything but waking a sleeping baby). If I press my nose to the oven’s window to view its lantern-lit interior, I can see drips of cake batter crisping themselves to lava-like chunks on the bottom of the oven. You see, I tried to get a...


Extended Writing Time through December

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PLEASE NOTE: NO EXTENDED WRITING ON DECEMBER 15 & 16 NaNoWriMo is almost over, but that doesn’t mean no more writing. To help you write that novel (or work on whatever you’re working on) SDWI is extending open writing time at the Ink Spot every weekday in December. In the tradition of Room to Write, the Ink Spot with be dedicated to being a quiet, comfortable place to do your work in the company of other (silent) writers. Stop by on your lunch break....


My Double Life by Marivi Soliven Blanco

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Up until recently I led a double life.  For 16 years I played the constant job hopper, moving from one underpaid gig to another all over California. Back in Manila I was a writer. The Martial Law-induced brain drain was still in high gear when I married in the early ‘90s, but I refused to join the lemming wave of immigration. I resolved to move to America, but leave my intellect behind, vowing to publish only in the Philippines. At the time it seemed logical, for by...


A Good Bit More Than 150 Words About a Drunken Sailor by Jim Ruland

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Whenever I teach a Flash Fiction or Micro Memoir course at San Diego Writers, Ink my students invariably ask me where they can publish their work. “On Facebook,” I tell them. That’s usually good for a few laughs, but the truth is there have never been more opportunities for short form writing. Short form fiction and nonfiction has become so fully integrated into the literary mainstream that there are a number of journals that specialize in it. Their names tend to...


Beth Ziesenis teaches Computer Shortcuts for Writers

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  Breaking Through Computer Roadblocks to Free Your Writing Do you spend more time cursing at your computer than actually writing? Join Your Nerdy Best Friend for a crash course in computer shortcuts and technology tips to make your time at the computer more productive. This session will cover tools to help writers stay organized and focused, tricks to make Microsoft Word more efficient and ways to bring pen-and-paper lovers into the age of technology. The...