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2017-04/23 In the Palm of Your Heart: Gifts From The Poetic Pen of Steve Kowit — Poem-Making With Jim Moreno

Date: Sunday, April 23, 2017 Time: 10am to 1pm Number of sessions: 1 day only Members: $45 Nonmembers: $54 Location: San Diego Writers, Ink, ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, 2nd Floor Above Women's Museum, San Diego, CA 92106

  NEW TIME!  In the forward of Steve Kowit’s mentoring book, In the Palm of Your Hand: The Poet’s Portable Workshop, Dorianne Lux wrote:  Steve was funny and generous and kind, but he was also seriously committed to teaching us something about how and why a poem works.  He did this by exposing us to as much good poetry as he could in the few weeks we hadaccessible poetry, poetry of the gut and heart, world poetry, well-crafted, musical, magical poetry. 

     Jim Moreno writes: That was my experience of him as well.  Starting in the early to mid 90’s I traveled to Southwestern College to take a poetry class from him.  I didn’t know that would lead to taking poetry workshops from Steve intermittently over three decades.  My writing improved with each class.  My confidence, my poetry compass if you will, grew stronger from Steve’s teaching,  from his constructive criticism, and from the poetry and poets, inspiring gifts he used as prompts to elevate his students’ skills.

      Join Jim Moreno for this 3 hour workshop with prompts from In The Palm of Your Hand  including Chapter 4, Shards of Memory: Playing With Time, and Chapter 22, The Body Politic.  In addition,  Moreno will have craft resources from 30 years of exposure to the master’s exercises and prompts that may arouse your somnolent Muse  & prove to be inspirational to poets who sign up for this class. 

     Moreno adds:  This is not a critique class.  This is a class where we start out showing respect for each individual’s uniqueness as a writer; each fingerprint different from the rest, in a Container of respect and safety.

     Participants in this poem-making workshop, In The Palm Of Your Heart, will write a warm up poem by accessing the vast storehouse we each carry inside.  Like water drawn from a spring the  poetry prompts from Steve’s book and other Kowit resources will pull poetry of the gut and the heart from one of the Kowit leit motifs: Memoir.

     Subsequently,  poets will access social justice consciousness and apply the warm up process to the body politic. Poems of passion revolving around social justice themes will then be composed.  Steve wrote:…the task of writing poems about the social and political world presents special problems for a poet

and special pitfalls. He reminded us that memorable poems about our sadness at the homeless in the streets, and our being sick of the stupidity and senselessness of war, ignorance, and greed have to come from a certain tact or flow that is enhanced by various poetic elements of memoir.  Join Jim at the Ink Spot for some Kowit consciousness medicine.  Enhance your voice and also be a voice for the voiceless.

    Jim Moreno is the author of  Dancing in Dissent: Poetry For Activism, (Dolphin Calling Press, 2007) and two cd’s of music and poetry.  He is a Teaching Artist  and on the Program Committee with San Diego Writers, Ink.  Jim  has studied with Steve Kowit, RegE Gaines, D.J. Watson, Willie Perdomo, Judy Reeves, John Fox, and G. Lynne Nelson. Moreno is  on the Advisory Board of the Poetic Medicine Institute in Palo Alto, California.  He  is a Regional Editor with the San Diego Poetry Annual and a Teaching Artist with Arts 4 Learning.  You can hear his interviews on Poets Corner with KNSJ, 89.1 FM and on San Diego weekday mornings at 11:00 A.M.  Jim hosts 2nd Tuesday-Jihmye Poetry at the Cafe Cabaret, an open mic for spoken word.  Contact him at

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