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2017-06/10 Book Publishing 1-2-3 with Laurie Gibson

Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017 Time: 3pm to 5pm Number of sessions: 1 day only Members: $30 Nonmembers: $36 Location: San Diego Writers, Ink, ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, 2nd Floor Above Women's Museum, San Diego, CA 92106


Grab a pen and join us for this lively, info-packed session, where we’ll check out today’s vibrant book business; share ideas for finding and connecting with agents and editors; suggest how writers can improve their craft; discuss the various levels of editing; and wrap up with a few tips for promotion (for example, in-person events such as readings and signings), gleaned from interviews with booksellers and literary agents.

Other highlights: writing prompts, four-page handout, “Ask the Editor” Q&A, sample edit of five manuscript pages.

Presenter: Laurie Gibson, who has edited/proofread hundreds of books, including the writing of success guru Brian Tracy, trailblazing novelist Alice Walker, and more than 100 first-time authors of fiction and nonfiction alike.

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Laurie GibsonLaurie Gibson, the San Diego editor who’s served more than 150 first-time authors during her career. She’s also edited or proofread well over 250 books for numerous publishers, including recent editions of novels such as The Color Purple and the writing of musician Jimmy Buffett and business guru Brian Tracy. For several years, Laurie taught editing for the Extension programs at both UCSD and UCLA.




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