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2017-06/15 Submissions for the Memoir Showcase – 2017

Date: Open Submissions Starting May 15, Due June 15 Time:  Number of sessions:  Members: $25 Nonmembers: $25 Location: submit online

Submission Guidelines for the Memoir Showcase – 2017

Please follow the submission guidelines. Pieces that are too long will not be considered.

Submissions are open: May 15th

Submissions are closed: June 15th

Theme for 2017: Where I Come From

Note: Feel free to interpret this theme in any way that sparks your interest.

Length: Pieces should be 5 pages or less. Double spaced, 12-point font.

Fee: Submission Fee: $25

FYI: Marni (not a judge) will hold a class to help generate ideas and create shape to your pieces. Watch for the date through San Diego Writers, Ink.

How the Memoir Showcase works:

Submissions will be read and judged by a panel of Judges. The winning pieces will be selected (top 7-10 submissions) and notified on or about June 20th.

Winning Writers will be assigned a writing coach. Writers will work with their writing coach to refine their theme, and then cut or polish their piece for approximately one month. Note: If you do not want to refine, cut or polish your piece with a writing coach, then this is not a good contest for you to enter.

The director will hold auditions and select actors and actresses. Writers will then meet for a roundtable read of their pieces with their selected professional actor/actress and their director. Writers will have the opportunity to hear their piece read and offer input during a collaborative discussion.

The director will take the notes from the collaborative roundtable and work with the actor/actress.

The pieces will be performed on October 23rd at North Coast Repertory.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Marni at: Marnifreedman18@gmail.com. Please put Memoir Showcase 2017 in the subject line.

Best of Luck!!