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2017-06/20 Submissions for the Memoir Showcase – 2017

Date: Open Submissions Starting May 15, Due June 20 Time:  Number of sessions:  Members: $25 Nonmembers: $25 Location: submit online

Thank you so much for participation in the 2017 Memoir Showcase.  We are truly delighted to have all of your submissions.  This year we will have two judging periods.  The first judging period is taking place now and should be completed by July 8th.

You will be notified by July 8th if your piece will be moving ahead to the second round.  Those in the second round will also be in consideration for the Anthology.

Next we will move on to round two of the judging process wherein the 10 memoir pieces will be selected. You will be notified if your piece was selected and the winners of the 2017 Memoir Showcase will be sent out in the SDWN Newsletter and on Facebook. I can already tell you that there are so many wonderful stories – too many to put in one show – so if you do not get selected for this year – please consider next year.

To Submit:
1. Pay Submission fee FIRST
2. Send your submission via email to: with “Memoir Showcase 2017” in the Subject Line
3.  Please make sure to place your name on the title page ONLY.  Your name should not appear on the pages itself, only the title of your piece.


Submission Guidelines for the Memoir Showcase – 2017

Please follow the submission guidelines. Pieces that are too long will not be considered.

Submissions are open: May 15th

Submissions are closed: June 20th

Theme for 2017: Where I Come From

Note: Feel free to interpret this theme in any way that sparks your interest.

Length: Pieces should be 5 pages or less. Double spaced, 12-point font.

Fee: Submission Fee: $25

FYI: Marni (not a judge) will hold a class to help generate ideas and create shape to your pieces. Watch for the date through San Diego Writers, Ink.

How the Memoir Showcase works:

Submissions will be read and judged by a panel of Judges. The winning pieces will be selected (top 7-10 submissions) and notified on or about June 28th.

Winning Writers will be assigned a writing coach. Writers will work with their writing coach to refine their theme, and then cut or polish their piece for approximately one month. Note: If you do not want to refine, cut or polish your piece with a writing coach, then this is not a good contest for you to enter.

The director will hold auditions and select actors and actresses. Writers will then meet for a roundtable read of their pieces with their selected professional actor/actress and their director. Writers will have the opportunity to hear their piece read and offer input during a collaborative discussion.

The director will take the notes from the collaborative roundtable and work with the actor/actress.

The pieces will be performed on October 23rd at North Coast Repertory.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Marni at: Please put Memoir Showcase 2017 in the subject line.

Best of Luck!!