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2017-07/07 Jazz Up Your E-book Chapter Styling Using Freeware with Gerardeen M. Santiago and Daniel G. Primbs

Date: Friday July 7, 2017 Time: 5:30pm to 6:10pm Number of sessions: One Day Class! Members: Free Nonmembers: Free Location: San Diego Writers, Ink, ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, 2nd Floor Above Women's Museum, San Diego, CA 92106

This free talk is part of our FREE Open House First Friday event.  You do not need to RSVP but it helps the presenters if they have an idea of numbers.  Feel free to drop in.

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This demonstration will show you how to use a free EPUB editor (Sigil) to style chapter openings in ways that aren’t usually supported when converting directly from Word. Using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), we will demonstrate styling drop caps, up caps, and small caps to set off your chapter openings. Chapter opening flourishes not only make your e-book stand out but may also increase reading comprehension by visually signifying chapter starts

Gerardeen Santiago brings over twenty-five years of experience from The McGraw-Hill Companies, Worth Publishers (Macmillan Learning), Scholastic Inc., and medical education and communication. She is honored to have been part of the McGraw-Hill team to win CODiE awards for educational web-based books. Gerri earned her Ph.D. in experimental psychology (neuroscience) from Columbia University in the City of New York, while simultaneously jump-starting her career in publishing.


Daniel Primbs, as an economist and teacher, decided to take his love of books into publishing, focusing on development editing and designing aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly e-books.




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