2017-08/27 Point of View with Mona de Vestel

Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017 Time: 10am to 1pm Number of sessions: One Day Class Members: $45 Nonmembers: $54 Location: San Diego Writers, Ink, ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, 2nd Floor Above Women's Museum, San Diego, CA 92106

Are you writing your story through the eyes of God, or are you crafting it from the confines of a serial killer’s mind? Mastering the craft of point of view allows writers to carefully choose the lens through which they will tell their stories. Come learn the nuts and bolts of POV (point of view) for your next story.

Bio_shot1Mona de Vestel is the award-winning author of the novel “One-String Guitar”—semifinalist for the VCU First Novelist award and memoir “King Leopold’s Daughter”finalist for Restless Books Immigrant Prize. Mona has taught writing at the State University of New York for many years and is ghostwriting books for several prominent clients. For more information, please visit her website: http://www.authormona.com/

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