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2017-09/17 Navigating the Social Media World For Beginners with Maggie Espinosa

Date: Sunday, September 17, 2017 Time: 10am to 1pm Number of sessions: 1 Day Members: $45 Nonmembers: $54 Location: San Diego Writers, Ink, ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, 2nd Floor Above Women's Museum, San Diego, CA 92106
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media doesn’t have to be difficult. This class will teach you how to cruise through the murky waters of hashtags, @ signs, and tweets. We’ll cover how to:
  • set up an account 
  • write an effective bio 
  • post quality content 
  • find organic followers 
  • take stellar photos 
  • create your personal hashtag 
  • market yourself or your brand on major platforms 
  • avoid being shadowbanned 
  • how analytics prevent your posts from garnering likes 
  • truncate URLs to fit Twitter 
  • and much more

Don’t be intimidated. It’s much easier than you think…and fun!

Espinosa has built a social media following of thousands by implementing the strategy taught in this class. Please bring these items to the class:
Smart phone
Laptop or iPad

A few digital photos of San Diego. Any theme is acceptable.

Maggie Espinosa is an award winning travel journalist whose coverage includes NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Travel Channel, CW TV, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, and Huffington Post.

She authored two books. First, a pet-friendly travel guide – “The Privileged Pooch, Luxury Travel With Your Pet in Southern California.” Second, “On A Mission,” which profiles Espinosa’s 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 historic missions. Yup, walk!  


PLEASE NOTE: It is best to register at least a week before the start of a class to help our instructors prepare and ensure that a class does not get cancelled or rescheduled.