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2018-02/03 From Query to Contract with Traci Foust

Date:  Time:  Number of sessions:  Members:  Nonmembers:  Location: San Diego Writers, Ink, Arts District Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, #202-204, Barracks 16, 2nd Floor Above Women's Museum, San Diego, CA 92106

From Query to Contract : 

Whether you are writing memoir or fiction, securing a literary agent is the most important step in becoming a published author. From selling your book, negotiating your publishing contract and making sure you receive a substantial advance in a timely manner, there is no person who will work harder on your team than your agent. In this workshop participants will learn key strategies to writing a compelling query letter and what to do when that query comes back with a YES!

Some of What You Will Learn:

  1. The 5 most common mistakes in the query and how to avoid them.
  2. The fastest and easiest way to find an available agent who represents your genre
  3. The difference between fiction and non-fiction queries and what agents expect from both
  4. Theimportance of attaining blurbs before your work is published and where to find them.
  5. How to write an extensive and interesting biography with less-than-extensive experience.
  6. Current comparable works: The literary glue to sealing your book deal
  7. The imperative role of social media for developing an agent-worthy platform.


Traci Foust’s first book, Nowhere Near Normal, was represented by Laney Katz Becker who sold her book to Simon and Schuster in 2011. She is currently under contract with Alice Martell, one of New York City’s top ten listed literary agents. Both her fiction, non-fiction and reviews have appeared in over thirty print publications as well as radio and television spots, including Marie Claire, NPR, MSNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, The Nervous Breakdown, Writer’s Digest Books, PBS Emery Journal and The Southern Review.