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A Piece on “Pen to Paper”

Posted by on Sep 21, 2013 in Blog, Fresh Ink | Comments Off on A Piece on “Pen to Paper”

Our weekly “Pen to Paper” in La Jolla had a recent visitor to try out the group, Clayton Truscott from the La Jolla Blue Book, a community news website.  He wrote up a nice piece on his experience.

We hope you will check it out and join the group with your pen and paper ready sometime soon.

Read the article


Diane Malloy, our host, describes it this way:

“I create a new one prompt every week. Sometimes I give a mini-lecture related to some aspect of writing, which segues into the day’s prompt. I give a warm-up exercise first and try to keep it fun, varied, and, if possible, participatory. In the past, I’ve utilized a variety of senses/art forms to create prompts. I’m gratified that the group is very ‘game’ and supportive of each other. I vary the timed writing, then allow members to read, no pressure, no critiquing. It’s only pens/paper, since laptops create a distracting tick, tick, tick.  We have a lots of regulars, semi-regulars, and always someone new checking us out.”  Check it out.


Photos from a recent Pen to Paper: