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A Year in Ink Volume 10

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A Year in Ink (YII) is an anthology of the creative work of San Diego County writers, published each year by San Diego Writers, Ink. The annual publication represents a sampling of the tangible results of our community’s diligent scribblers.

Volume 10 will include short stories, novel and memoir excerpts, creative nonfiction, satire, flash fiction and nonfiction, and poetry. Every year our Anthology authors are a diverse group, young and old, new writers and much-published veterans.

SDWI receives numerous submissions each summer;  A Year in Ink follows a blind submission process; authors are not identified until the selection process ends.



Judy Reeves 2010Judy Reeves is a writer, teacher and writing practice provocateur whose books include A Writer’s Book of Days; Writing Alone, Writing Together; A Creative Writer’s Kit and The Writer’s Retreat Kit. Her work has also appeared in the San Diego Reader, The Frozen Moment, A Year in Ink, Vols I and 5 and other anthologies. Two plays, written with a women’s writing ensemble, were produced in the Fritz Blitz. In addition to leading private writing workshops and retreats, Judy teaches at UCSD Extension and speaks at writing conferences internationally. A tenth anniversary Revised Edition of A Writer’s Book of Days was named Best Nonfiction in the 2010 San Diego Book Awards. Her latest book is Wild Women, Wild Voices. Her website is She blogs at



Ann Bancroft Oakland Mets 1
Anthony Jesse The Merry-Go-Round
Bill Harding Fortune Cookie Crumbles
Brenda Sako Belmont Park
Brian Thedell Diablo Rojo
Carol Moscrip En Passant
Carrie Danielson Home Palindrome
Catherine Darby Bird on It
Cherie Kephart Diet Craze
Colleen Brennan She’s Leaving Home
Dare DeLano The Dance of the Paper Lanterns
Deborah Ramos In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Diana Griggs Enough of Death for Today
Diane  Malloy Fly Girl and the Spider
Dylan Yates you can taste and swallow but you may not digest
Elisabeth Wann Lessons
Ellen Yaffa An Unbidden Guest
Evelyn J Burroughs Driving Away
Greg Johnson Level I
Jan Thompson Hadewig Stylites
Jay Mower Love Lost
Jean Seager Hitler, FDR and the Banana Cream Pie
Jill G. Hall At Sixteen in the MGBGT
Jill Murray Lucy (excerpt from Everything Crooked)
Krishna Jagannathan Sunday Breakfast
Laurie Richards The Elegant Plan
Leonora Simonovis-Brown Still Life with a Baby
Marla Anderson The Box
Marty Eberhardt Holding the Line: An American Family in Saigon (excerpt)
Michael Berns The Y
Penny Wilkes Becoming Marco Polo
Regina Morin Certain Questions
Ruth Roberts Killin’ Chickens
Sandra Yeaman The Students Who Never Came To Class
Sandy Robertson Joy of Man’s Desiring
Seretta Martin This Breath-filled Morning
Siobhan Welsh Something to Be Proud Of
Tania Pryputniewicz Dropping in the Eight
Tim Calaway Black Leather Jacket
Una Nichols Hynum Catherine’s Blouse
Zoe Ghahremani Retribution