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About A Year in Ink, Volume 10, from Judy Reeves, Editor

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anthologies with &A Note from Judy Reeves, Editor, A Year in Ink, Vol 10

Our 10th Edition of A Year in Ink holds special importance to me. Not that all editions aren’t special, but this year marks an anniversary—ten years of publishing collections that showcase the finest work of our community of writers. With Vol. 10, A Year in Ink will be a decade-long archive representative of who we are and what we have to say through our fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and memoirs.

Our editors have always chosen the best of the work submitted to be included in our anthologies, and I’m honored to be invited to serve as Editor of A Year in Ink, Vol. 10. My history with producing and publishing the anthology goes back all the way to our inaugural collection when I was Managing Editor. I served in the same capacity for Vols. 2 and 3. Before that, I was Managing Editor of three anthologies produced by San Diego Writers, Ink’s predecessor, The Writing Center. Each of those years I worked closely with our guest editors to produce the finest book possible. What a joy to see the work of some of the writers who published in those previous anthologies also appearing in Writers, Ink’s anthologies. I hope the same will be true for our 10th anthology anniversary edition.

anthology coversOver the years many members of both organizations have left San Diego and are unable to be active participants in our community here. Still, and this is important and one of the reasons I’m writing this post:

If you are a former member of San Diego Writers, Ink, you are invited to submit to A Year in Ink, Vol. 10, even though you may no longer reside in San Diego County.

Please consider this a personal invitation from us. If you have something you’d like to submit to this year’s anthology, please do. You and your work are always welcome here. Of course, the work of writers who have never submitted is welcome, too. Even encouraged! A link to more information about submissions here.

So all you writers—SDWI members, former members, former instructors, previous editors, and residents of San Diego County—A Year in Ink, Vol 10 deadline is July 30! We await your submissions.