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Book Publishing: An Interview with Laurie Gibson by Adria Britton

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Hello! My name is Adria Britton, and I am one of San Diego Writers, Ink’s current interns.

Many creative, crazy, captivating classes take place at the Ink Spot, so, throughout the month of November, I will highlight a few of these classes to provide insight into the interesting aspects of each class.

Each blog entry will have a basic description of the class, followed by a question-and-answer section (a brief banter between me and the class’s instructor,) and some reasons why you might want to participate in the class.

Learn how and why you would partake in this creative niche in San Diego–stay informed! Join the fun!

9 November 2013

Location: Sitting at an ocean overlook in Point Loma

Thinking about: Book Publishing

A book travels through three basic stages in life: Conception, Development, and Finalization.  During the first two stages, the book still lives “at home,” under the correcting fingers of its parent.  However, a book cannot remain young forever, and soon it must leave the house and discover its true identity in the world.

The challenge for many modern authors is knowing when and how to let their book-children go.

Is my book refined enough?  Will the publishers it applies to accept it?  Which publisher is right for my book?  I just want my book to have a fair chance at life!


Lucky, lucky you–

This month, on November 17th, San Diego’s very own Laurie Gibson will work as a book-counselor.  She plans to direct writers through the finalization stage of a book and answer any questions participants may have.  This class will focus on publishing, editing, and even promoting books.  Gibson has helped many first-time authors, writing professionals, and students (from UCSD and UCLA)– so your writing works and ideas will be safe in her hands!

To provide a little more insight as to the ins-and-outs of this class, Gibson graciously answered a few questions I asked:

Q: Does the class target a specific writing genre?

A: No, there’s no target genre; this is an overview/survey type class that touches on a lot of subjects related to writing but does not focus on any particular genre.


Q: Would you suggest that participants bring any materials (other than themselves) to this class?

A: The only things the attendees need to bring are pen and paper for note taking and writing exercises. A four-page handout will be provided.


Q: Do you have any tips for attendees regarding topics they should research prior to this class?

A: Attendees should think about what they want to take away from the session — and develop a list of questions based on that.


Q: What information and experiences will your class present that participants will not be able to gather from the Internet/other sources? In other words, what makes this class unique?

A: Live, real-time classes offer the chance to taste four things humans (particularly creative artists) hunger for: understanding, connection, inspiration — and ultimately, transcendence. With “Book Publishing 1-2-3,” my goal is to provide a fertile atmosphere for writers to trespass their current boundaries and invade new, creative territory.


Now that you (hopefully) have a better concept of what subjects the “Book Publishing 1-2-3: From the Writer’s Fingers to the Readers’ Hands” class covers, I shall share a few gems of the class.  These precious stones will be generously handed to you when you walk into the Ink Spot—no gem mining required! Through this sneak-peek, I hope you find what class elements appeal specifically to YOU:

  • If you have yet to write a book, Gibson will provide imagination workouts and writing prompts.
  • If you have a book written and do not know whether to self-publish, publish traditionally, or publish electronically, Gibson will give you invaluable advice regarding each path and help you make that decision.
  • Do you have random editing, publishing, or writing questions? This class welcomes those questions—and provides answers.
  • The instructor will provide insider tips and tricks, including how to connect with literary agents.
  • Need some general information on today’s book business? Soak it up at this class.
  • Gibson equips you to evaluate your own writings, so when you leave the class, you can promptly use your new writing, editing, and publishing tools.

Ready to sign-up? I thought so.  Here is the link!


adriaAdria Britton currently interns at San Diego Writers, Ink.  She is majoring in creative writing and minoring in non-profit organization business management at Point Loma Nazarene University.  She has traveled extensively, including an experience living abroad in Chile for a semester to learn Spanish and invest her time into a new community.  You can contact Adria at: