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11/23 Brown Bag 20th Anniversary Celebration: 20 Years/20 Prompts

Date: Saturday, November 23, 2013 Time: 10am to 5pm Number of sessions: Special Event--1 Day Only Members: $20/day or $5/hr Nonmembers: $20/day or $5/hr Location: The NEW Ink Spot, NTC at Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92106

Do you believe it! Twenty years of ongoing meetings of the Brown Bag Writing Group. That means somewhere around 1000 sessions. This calls for a grand celebration and we’ve got one in store for all you Brown Baggers. We’ll celebrate all day and into the evening on November 23, the very date the group started at The Writing Center in 1993.

20 Years/20 Prompts

Saturday, Nov. 23
10 am – 5 pm
$20/day  $5/hr

The all-day event will feature one-hour writing sessions run in classic Brown Bag style—that is: a prompt, free-writing for 15 or 17 or 18 minutes and reading our work aloud after. We’ll do the same thing each hour, fitting in 20 prompts in the six hours of writing, a marathon of Brown Bags. Join us for a single session, two or three, or stay for the day.

We’ll break for lunch at 1 so if you plan on being with us then, bring a brown bag lunch. We’ll supply beverages and, of course, there’ll be cake.

Bring your notebook or your laptops (remember 20 years ago when we started, no one had a laptop and today most of us still prefer writing by hand, even when we can’t read our own writing) and settle in for some writing practice-style writing and at least 20 surprises. Bring some of your original Brown Bag notebooks, too, if you still have them, to share with the group. Meet up with old writing friends and make some new ones.

 This event will be followed by:

Brown Bag 20th Anniversary Reading & Community Zine Creation

Bring an original Brown Bag piece, written sometime over the last 20 years of the group to read aloud, open mic-style (3-minutes limit). Start digging through your old notebooks, find a favorite piece of writing to read. If you want to bring some of your old notebooks to share, that could be fun, too. But difficult as it might be, choose just one piece to read.

Everyone who has ever Brown Bagged is invited to read at the Open Mic. Just bring a piece you want to read (no more than 3-4 minutes), and bring an extra copy for the Zine we’re creating in honor of the 20th Anniversary. If you’d like to get your own copy of the Zine, you can place an order at the Reading.

Twenty years of our Brown Bag Writing Group is something to celebrate and we’ll do it right—cake and candles and lots more! Don’t miss it.