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Interview with John Van Roekel on SDWI’s Room to Write by Celeste Morales

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Here at San Diego Writers, Inc we like to offer writers the chance to meet with others and have access to a place where they can sit down without any distraction and write. We call this space “Room to Write.” I briefly interviewed one of our members of “Room to Write” named John Van Roekel.  He is a published author of two historical fiction novels called “Braver Deeds” and  “Prisoner Moon.” Since he has been writing...


Interview with Scott Westerfeld by Leyla Kaplan

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For those of you who don’t know, Scott Westerfeld is a Young Adult (YA) author who has written a number of popular series like the Uglies, Leviathan, and Midnighters. His new book, titled Afterworlds, will be out later this year.  Afterworlds is two stories within one. One story follows Darcy, who is a young writer working on her first YA book in New York City. The other is supernatural romance about a girl named Lizzie, who has the ability to travel into an...


Interview with Bonnie ZoBell by T.C. Porter

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For the vividness of Bonnie ZoBell’s What Happened Here, a novella and stories, consider the book’s here, which features: North Park macaws; a rave warehouse in Gaslamp; the (god-foresaken) I-5 corridor between here and LA; Santa Ana winds; auditioning for the San Diego Symphony; escaping to Hemet, Julian, San Onofre State Park and Sedona; border crossing to Tijuana and Rosarito; bingo in Mission San Luis Rey; brown native landscapes amidst “the damn gated...


A Year in Ink: Submissions for Volume 8

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Submissions are open for the month of July only! A Year in Ink (YII) is an anthology of the creative work of San Diego County writers, published each year by San Diego Writers, Ink. The annual publication represents a sampling of the tangible results of our community’s diligent scribblers. Volume 8 will include short stories, novel and memoir excerpts, creative nonfiction, satire, flash fiction, and poetry. Anthology authors are a diverse group, young and old, new...


Interview with Aaron Burch by T.C. Porter

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Students and enthusiasts of writing—the types of people frequenting San Diego Writers, Ink—will be happy to meet Aaron Burch. His work’s high quality does not keep it from being approachable as the writer himself. The founding editor of Hobart, he commands the respect of a legion of writers familiar with his enthusiasm, kindness and excellence. His forthcoming story collection, Backswing, melds disparate voices along a broad continuum of realism to fabulism. SDWI...