Christiana Donovan teaches Yoga and Writing

Date: Thursday, March 29 Time: 7 - 9pm Number of sessions: 1 - Evening Class Members: $40 Nonmembers: $46 Location: The Ink Spot, 710 13th St. Ste. 210, San Diego, CA 92101

Ground and enlighten your writing through the tools of gentle yoga postures and guided breathing and meditation exercises. Both yoga and writing require deep breaths, releasing the tension and sharp awareness of self and the world around us. Both are developed through disciplined practice, effort, patience and flexiblity.

During this evening class, we will use the tools of yoga to stretch our writing, generating new ideas and reinvigorating existing ones. Whether you are beginning a work or blocked, join us to integrate your mind and body.

Note: A yoga mat is needed for this course, but no prior yoga experience. Please wear comfortable clothes to class that you can do gentle movements in.

Christiana Donovan has been a student and teacher of yoga for over 14 years.  Trained in the Svaroopa style of Hatha Yoga, which focuses primarily on releasing the core muscles of the back and hips, Christiana has developed her own unique style which emphasize the breath as a means of moving deeper into each pose, with keen attention to proper alignment to get the greatest benefit out of each yoga posture.

Christiana currently teaches 10 yoga classes a week at the YMCA,  including Gentle Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Chair Yoga and Laughter Yoga. She is also available for private session and seminars.