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04/27 Clues for the Muse: A Literary Scavenger Hunt

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013 Time: (Check in 11AM) Race is12PM to 4PM Number of sessions: 1 -- One day event! Members: $25 Nonmembers: $25 Location: Sail Ho Bar & Grill, 2960 Truxton Rd, SD, CA 92106

Clues from the Muse is an adventure race with a literary twist. Teams of 2–5 people will solve clues to find checkpoints where they face fun challenges and take photos. It’s like a one-day Amazing Race and it benefits San Diego Writers, Ink.

You don’t have to be a writer to participate, or even dedicated reader; good googling skills will overcome any literary blanks in your memory. So bring your smart friends and your smart phones and meet at the starting point where you’ll receive a set of clues designed by our Literary Muse. Your task is to solve the clues and figure out the most efficient routes. The first team to visit all checkpoints and complete the required tasks wins. (Prizes to be announced later, but they’ll be good ones.) Each team member registers individually; we’ll register your team when you all show up at the starting point, ready to play.

Here’s more about the race:

At checkpoints with challenges, you must accomplish a task and get your passport stamped. The challenges are fun obstacles or brainteasers geared to liven up your experience. At checkpoints that require a picture, you must get a photo with all team members to show you were all there. We’ll check your photos at the finish. The clues are in no particular order. You may use cars or any form of transportation.

We expect the winners will finish the race in about 2 1/2 hours and most teams will finish under 4 hours. Our goal is to provide a fun-filled day for you, while providing some good challenges and raising funds for San Diego Writers, Ink.

What you’ll need:

You’ll need a camera—your smart phone or a digital camera will work. Maps are also handy and you may want someone to call to help look up clues. We also recommend a pen or pencil to take notes.

Here’s a sample clue:

C.S. Forester wrote a series of books on the Napoleonic Wars featuring this fictional naval hero. Get your picture with one of his tour boats.

Answer – Hornblower cruise ships alongside Harbor Drive.


So gather your team and join us for this fun event to benefit San Diego Writers, Ink and support our move to Liberty Station. SDWI is a 501c(3) nonprofit