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02/28 Big Read F451 Contest EXTENDED!!!!

Date: Deadline 2/28/13 EXTENDED Time: Ongoing Number of sessions: n/a Members: $5 per Nonmembers: $10 per Location: n/a

Thank you for your interest in SDWI’s first annual winter writing contest! This year we are pleased to be working as part of the Big Read in collaboration with Write Out Loud.  Selected  F451 Contest winning entries will be presented in the month of April.  Top SDWI winners will receive a cash prize and publication.

All pieces should be original compositions written in response to your reading of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

SDWI length guideline maximums are:

Fiction and Nonfiction: 10 pages/2500 words double-spaced prose;

Plays or Screenplays: 10 pages script format;

Poetry or Monologue: 3 pages single-spaced.

Shorter submissions are both acceptable and encouraged.

Contest fees are $5 per category for members and $10 per category for nonmembers.

You may submit one piece in each listed category (fiction, nonfiction, script, poetry, monologue), but all must be registered at the same time. You may only register once in total for this contest. Multiple submissions must be submitted at the same time via this single registration.

You must be 25 or older and have some connection to San Diego County to submit, whether you are a current resident, have been one in the past, or visit to take courses at SDWI from elsewhere.

All your pieces will be submitted as separate attachments in Word files. File names should be the accurate genre and title of each registered piece (such as fiction DOGS). Do NOT include any identifying information (i.e. your name, address, phone number, email, NOTHING that could identify you) in the file title or on the manuscript as manuscripts are read blindly. Each submission should be saved as a separate file.

However, you should list all of your genres and titles both on your registration page and in your email submitting your manuscripts.

Click on the Buy Now button to see the registration form you will use well in advance of your registration.

Questions? Email