Dufresne’s Course and Reading: Don’t Miss Them!!

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Blog Post by T.C. Porter

dufresneJohn Dufresne— meet him this weekend and I think you will agree, the Einstein hair of his present rendition suits him well. In fiction writing workshops, classes and readings, his wisdom spews from his head like his silver hair.

He is man of many notebooks. Surely the mounds of paper and books in his Dade County office represent the highest altitude in South Florida. His knowledge of literature is surpassed only by the careful attention and care he provides each of the writers in his classes.

Judy Reeves, an SDWI founder and host of Tuesday’s Brown Bag, suggested I attend Taos Writers’ Conference because it offers a novel master workshop, and because Dufresne teaches there. I was amazed daily how he gave feedback on each of the student’s three-hundred page manuscripts. He provided lengthy written commentary that included charts, illustrations, exercises, chapter-by-chapter musings. His four ninety-minute lectures were so sensory stimulating and inspiring that I stopped taking notes and recorded on my iPod Touch.

I’m glad I read this books on writing fiction (The Lie That Tells a Truth and Is Life Like This?) and even more grateful to have spent the week in Taos.

I’m pleased to say John will be at the Ink Spot this Saturday, Sept. 21. He leads a three-hour fiction workshop at 1 p.m. followed by 4:30’s ninety minute reading. I hope you will attend, and be inspired as I have.

If you need some nudging, here’s a preview.

T.C. Porter facilitates writing groups for SDWI on Tuesdays and first-and-third Sundays, and is frequent contributor to the blog. He is working on his first novel.