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10/26 Ekphrastic Poetry: Writing Art (Drop-in panel at Fall for Writing conference)

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Ekphrastic Poetry: Writing Art at Inspirations Gallery (Hosted by Sarah Sleeper) (suggested $5 donation)

Ekphrastic poets find their inspiration in works of visual art. The poems they write imagine, describe or expand upon the “story” of an image, and each individual poet creates unique works of poetic art, separate from but related to the visual art. In this workshop Sarah Z. Sleeper will teach you methodologies so that you can confidently approach this exciting cross-genre art space. You will work in a lovely gallery and will create one or more of your own ekphrastic poems.
In 2012 Sarah Z. Sleeper’s ekphrastic poetry collection was exhibited at the Bellarmine Museum of Art atFairfield University, where she completed her MFA. She was editor-in-chief of the literary journalMasons’ Road, and was part of the editorial team for the book American Fiction published by New Rivers Press. In May 2013 she won an award from Writer’s Digest for her short story, “A Few Innocuous Lines,” and in September her story, “Gretchen in the Box,” was published in The Story Shack. In her 20-year career prior to completing her MFA, Sarah was published by Fortune, The Christian Science Monitor, The National Journal and others. She won three journalism awards and received a fellowship from the National Press Foundation. She is a member of PEN America, the Authors Guild, and the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, and is past vice-president of the National Writers