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FAQ for Blazing Laptops


Q. Who can participate? Is this a members-only thing?

A. Anyone who brings or raises $100 and is eager to spend a day writing is welcome to join in!  Of course we’d love for you to show your support by becoming a member of San Diego Writers, Ink and enjoying benefits like reduced class fees and admission to Room to Write.

Q. I don’t like asking my friends for money.

A. Personally, we were surprised how flattered our friends were to be asked to contribute to an organization so dear to our hearts. The sample letters made it easy to frame the request graciously and effectively. Here is a list of “Ideas for Participants” that offers suggestions for easy and fun ways to approach sponsors. It includes a couple of Sample Sponsor letters you can use as guides. You can write them directly from your personal pledge page.

Q. Eight hours? Won’t I get hungry?

A.  Don’t worry! We’ll provide a continental breakfast, snacks and also lunch. If you have special dietary needs feel free to bring your own munchies. There will also be plenty of coffee, tea and an assortment of other beverages.

Q. What will the day look like? Give me a play-by-play.

A. Starting at 9:00, at the top of every hour, a different instructor will lead a writing exercise or provide prompts to fuel your imagination. (This is a great way to meet our teachers!) We’ll take 10-minute stretch breaks between sessions, offer raffle prizes and chat with other writers. At 1:00, we’ll break for lunch, and then at 1:40 give special thanks to everyone for their donations, dedication and enthusiasm. At 5:00 we’ll say our goodbyes and stagger off into the sunset.

Q. But I just want to work on my novel.

A. Inspirations Gallery will be the quiet room for those who don’t need prompts or scheduled breaks and just want to focus on projects-in-process.

Q. So, besides $100, what should I bring?

A. $100 is the minimum donation to participate but feel free to bring more! Some writers like to set a goal of $500 or $1000. Every dollar is genuinely appreciated. San Diego Writers, Ink is a nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.

Wear comfortable layered clothing as the afternoon really heats up. Also bring a laptop and/or notebook, pens and anything else that helps you write better such as footrests, headphones or bedroom slippers.

Q. I’m a wimp and only want to write for three hours.

A. This isn’t prison. Bring a hundred bucks, you can leave anytime!  But part of the fun is that we’re all in this together, pushing our limits, seeing how much we can accomplish.

Q. Wow! Camaraderie with fellow writers, support a great organization AND eight hours to write! How do I sign up?

A.  Just go to the Registration Page and sign up with the “Become a Fundraiser” button. It’s easy. Then start warming up for 8-hours of writing!