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Flying Fingers and Aching Backs: the Red Hot Writers are back!

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Blog, Fresh Ink | Comments Off on Flying Fingers and Aching Backs: the Red Hot Writers are back!

San Diego writers have their own Rock and Roll Marathon coming up this next Sunday. Eight hours of creativity laced with prompts and racing on caffeine. I remember how I felt when I crossed the finish line last year. I was high on creativity and one of those big black and yellow bumble bees was trapped inside my head.  No question I was tired, but sleep was the last thing I wanted or could settle down for.

It’s called the Writer’s Rush.

Breaking the tape at the Blazing Laptops Marathon is a huge ego boost for this writer. It’s not that I can’t write for eight hours straight on my own, but I never do it. I stop to water the backyard or go to the market or Pilates or pay bills. The phone rings. In the end, I may have my manuscript open on the screen for eight hours, but about half the time my mind and or body are elsewhere.
At Blazing Laptops, the distractions and breaks are all inclined to keep me writing. Around me there are dozens of other writers hard at the task. Focus. At the break someone gets up and gives me a prompt (“Write about what frosts your cookies or fries your eggs or about your first date or anything at all, just keep writing”). Suddenly get an how to pep up the dialog between Sophie and Hamp.

I began my last two novels, WHEN SHE CAME HOME and LITTLE GIRL GONE, at successive marathons. This year I’m going to be editing IN DOUBT. And I’m absolutely sure, no doubt, that I’ll get a lot done because at Blazing Laptops the Muse is always in the room, darting from table to table and casting her ideas like confetti at an astronaut parade.

Join me and the Muse and many of your fellow writers on Sunday, June 9th. You’ll have a great time, you’ll support a worthy cause and you’ll write, I promise that.

Dru CampbellDrusilla Campbell is the author of more than fifteen novels, short stories, and essays including two recent best sellers, The Good Sister and Blood Orange. Her most recent novel Little Girl Gone, inspired by the story of Jaycee Dugard, is widely available in bookstores and online. Drusilla is the creator of NOVELCRAM, an intensive two-day course for aspiring novelists. For the last twenty years she has taught all aspects of novel writing at The Writing Center, The Ink Spot, and writing conferences, helping writers to connect the dots between a great idea and a great book.

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