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Friends of Writers Ink by Lily Schultz

Posted by on Jul 25, 2017 in Blog, Community Partner of the Month, Fresh Ink | Comments Off on Friends of Writers Ink by Lily Schultz

San Diego Writers, Ink may be one of the best writer’s organizations in the San Diego area, but we are by no means the only one — and we certainly don’t do everything! Here are a few other wonderful organizations in the area.

Write Out Loud

Write Out Loud is a San Diego-based organization that reads poetry and short stories aloud for an audience. The pieces are performed by accomplished actors who bring the characters and nuances of the tales to life. This August they are hosting TwainFest, a celebration of Mark Twain and other 19th century authors.

Words Alive

Words Alive advocates for literacy in both children and adults in at-risk populations. They host programs for preschoolers from low-income households as well as pregnant and parenting teens.

Playwrights Project

The Playwrights Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to arts education based in San Diego County. They work closely with schools as well as youth centers to advance creativity in children and host annual contests and festivals.

So Say We All

So Say We All is a literary and performing arts organization founded in 2009 based out of San Diego. They work with several social services organizations, such as The Braille Institute and San Diego public libraries. So Say We All has multiple events planned for August, all of which can be found on their Facebook page.


DimeStories is a radio show that regularly broadcasts 3-minute stories of prose to multiple stations across the country. They run almost solely on volunteer power and work in multiple cities, including Albuquerque, Costa Mesa, and San Diego.

Lily Schultz is a high school junior volunteering with San Diego Writers, Ink. She enjoys writing, drawing, and video games, and runs a small blog on how to write injuries and fight scenes. She plans on going to college for interactive media design and turning her writing hobby into a career.