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Hello Molders of the World!

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Blog, Fresh Ink | Comments Off on Hello Molders of the World!

My name is Jonathan Ische, and I am a writer currently interning for San Diego Writers, Ink. I recently graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) with a degree in writing.

Although it was a long five years (after changing my major a few times), I extracted as much as I could out of all the conjoined experiences I had—from various roommates and the pleasures and pitfalls of girls, to what I heard and experienced vicariously, and of course, through numerous courses and books. With God perpetually remaining at the center of my life, I believe my education and the talents and blessings I have undeservedly received can alter the world for the better.

Previously I had been interested in healthcare and helping people on an individual basis. I was learning the highly detailed information of everything pertaining to the human, from the large scale of muscles and how they interact through movement, to the molecular level of how different medicines affect body functions. Interesting and practical as this field of study is, I felt out of place. There was more I could do to help others. That is when I found out about the writing program at PLNU.

Writing allows for someone to portray a unique perspective of life. Whether a writer chooses to write a poem on the immensity of the universe and the billions of stars and trillions of planets that exist at this very moment or writes a novel about his or her first love, writing is an instrument unlike any other. It transcends time and distance and is not restrained to any particular language.

An easily recognizable example of how writing meets these criteria is plays. How many hundreds of years have passed since Shakespeare has died? Yet his plays not only influenced the dreams and realities of people in his own era but live on and continue to influence today as well. However, the effect of writing does not end there. After reading one such play, how many people were sparked to write an essay, for example, on their own interpretation? Furthermore, how many people were convinced after reading the logic and ideas of an essay to apply it to their own lives? If these ideas are read or heard by people in power, how much good can writing accomplish then? Does the cycle showing the power of the written word continue through one such person in power, like a president or prime minister, and then make itself apparent for all to see through a new law or bill?

As the famous Romantic British writer Percy Shelley wrote in his essay, A Defence of Poetry, “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” Writing, no matter the form, is an art that can be used to shape the way we think, the way we act, and the way we live. Governments can be transformed, lives can be saved, and the amount of greatness humanity can achieve is limitless.

Meanwhile, in order for any of these goals to become evident, it all starts with you, and I, and the community of writers sitting down and transcribing our lives and inspirations. We must use the tool of writing to mold the world into a place everyone agrees is a place worth living in. Among the countless ways writing can transfuse into the daily lives of not only those living in luxury, but the poor and hungry on their deathbeds, San Diego Writers, Ink serves as one of the many beacons of hope that can guide humanity to heights that have never before been reached.

SDWI is an organization that fosters the creativity within everyone by offering classes, hosting events, and giving workshops all geared toward honing the skill of writing. None of the board members are paid, but each one strives to bring the beauty of writing to all who wish to develop their craft. By giving people an opportunity to break away from the frantic nature of their daily lives and sit down and relax for a while to write, or by welcoming professionals to come and teach classes on how to be a better writer, SDWI is proud when someone discovers the joy of writing.

Whether the writing faction of choice is fiction, screen writing, journalism, poetry, essays, nonfiction, etc., SDWI’s board and staff are supremely happy when you grow as person and as a writer. When you write your own characters that people can connect with, when the hours you spent writing parts in a play are given to people who act them out and you see your work come to life, when you find out your poem helped someone through the hardest time of their life, that is when SDWI is pleased you chose them to be an outlet for your writing.

I’m not really a blog writer, and this is my first, but convention requires me to be a bit selfish and speak more about my life. Someday, I would like to write books that are among the best the world has to offer, and maybe even have them made into movies. If by God’s will I happened to become rich, I would donate a large amount the money I make to charities and churches which have the potential to reach people on a more personable level. I desire for my books to help solve some the issues of today, such as global warming, and be a source people can look to, along with the Bible, for how to live enriching lives full of love and peace. While none of this may ever occur, I will always aspire to be the best writer I can be that can hopefully mold the world into a better place.

Write On,  Jonathan Ische



Jonathan Ische is an intern at SDWI. We are happy to have Jonathan here as he begins his journey as a writer.