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Hi Beautiful –a blog post from Lara Eisenberg

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Hi beautiful,

I wanted to share my journey with you.  My hope is to inspire you and invite you to travel with me:).

I grew up in a women objectifying culture. In my own home, on a daily basis, I experienced misogyny and sexist comments.   I saw my Mom lose herself and would often hear her weeping in the middle of the night.  I learned to devalue myself as a women.

As a result of this environment:

I lost my voice

I neglected the calling of my heart

I lost my personal soul nourishing vision

I repressed my sexual expression

In order to feel valued, loved and worthy, I viewed my body as an object to make perfect.  I sought approval.  I sought love.  I learned beauty and being good was the path to getting my needs met.  SO I became obedient and always made sure I looked good until I didn’t want to be GOOD ANYMORE!

I began to explore all aspects of my femininity, particularly my body and sexuality.  I researched the impact of all the ways this “unattainable standard of beauty” (standard held by the media) and the immense pressure from the cosmetic industries, had on girls and women. I began to clearly see how the objectification I experienced created an unhealthy relationships with my body.  Instead of enjoying sensual experiences (a piece of chocolate, sensual touch etc.) for the pleasure it creates, I listened to women say  “I’ll work out for twice as long because I just ate this.”  The focus for myself and the women around me was on looking good, not feeling good from the inside out.   We, as women, become a spectators of our own bodies.

I then began to explore my wounding around my sexuality.  I felt the disconnect from constantly being viewed as a sex object or commodity.   I knew that sexuality, particularly for women, entailed a lot more than just performance.    I began to study many holistic models, particularly Gina Ogden’s.  Her models holds that sexuality is multidimensional; mind, body, heart and spirit.  I applied my own life experience to the models I was studying and experienced profound healing in relationship to my body and sexuality.

As I said, I didn’t want to be “good” anymore.  I wanted to share my heart, love my body, feel the interconnectedness of all of life, and to disempower the thoughts that created suffering and self-sabotage.  I committed, at that point, to assist other women in exploring their own journey related to every aspect of their womanhood, particularly their sexual self.

Please join me on April 7th on a writing journey exploring different dimensions of our sexuality–heart, mind, body and spirit.

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lara eisenbergLara Eisenberg began her studies in Eastern healing practices specifically yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in 1999. In 2001, she graduated from Columbia University where she received dual masters degrees in Psychological Counseling. She continued on to complete a three year trauma healing program resulting in a Somatic Experiencing Certification. Over the past 14 years, Lara has worked privately, and with schools and non-profits as a Bilingual School Counselor, Holistic Wellness Professional, Educator and Yoga and Meditation Instructor.  Lara’s mission is to assist others in restoring the natural harmony that exists between mind, body, and spirit, and deepen the relationship to their bodies, internal sensations, emotions, thoughts, and spirituality. She is committed to encouraging people to utilize their art form to find their authentic voice and foster intimacy, hope, and inspiration for others. Lara owns Body Mind Wellness working as a wellness consultant, educator, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.