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Hi Beautiful (Part 2) by Lara Eisenberg

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 Hi beautiful,

So often we look at our bodies from a judgmental, critical way.   We expect it to look and function a certain way.  If it doesn’t serve us the way we want, we often override its messages and resent it. Our journey entails feeling/sensing it from the inside, to know what it needs and feels and to take in the world through our sensory experience.  Our bodies are constantly providing us with information about what it senses and feels and areas of imbalance.   The senses (touch, smell, taste, see and hear) are the means in which we perceive the world.  The more connected we are to our bodies, the more in tune and attuned we are with the wisdom of the body and our intuitive knowing. We learn to listen and meet its needs and desires.

Sexuality is part of living in this body.  It’s an experience in the body (and for some a transcendent one as well).  Healthy, conscious sexuality is part of living a comfortable, pleasurable and healthy life.  Our culture and society doesn’t support the unfolding and evolving of our sexual self.  Come join me  in defying cultural norms and expectations by living from the inside out.  What is YOUR body saying?  Explore how to listen to your body and connect with your conscious sexual self.
Please join me on April 7th on a writing journey exploring different dimensions of our sexuality–heart, mind, body and spirit.

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lara eisenbergLara Eisenberg began her studies in Eastern healing practices specifically yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in 1999. In 2001, she graduated from Columbia University where she received dual masters degrees in Psychological Counseling. She continued on to complete a three year trauma healing program resulting in a Somatic Experiencing Certification. Over the past 14 years, Lara has worked privately, and with schools and non-profits as a Bilingual School Counselor, Holistic Wellness Professional, Educator and Yoga and Meditation Instructor.  Lara’s mission is to assist others in restoring the natural harmony that exists between mind, body, and spirit, and deepen the relationship to their bodies, internal sensations, emotions, thoughts, and spirituality. She is committed to encouraging people to utilize their art form to find their authentic voice and foster intimacy, hope, and inspiration for others. Lara owns Body Mind Wellness working as a wellness consultant, educator, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.