Start Your New Year Off WRITE!

Ideas for Participants – Asking for Pledges

Remember, most people enjoy contributing to arts organizations, especially nonprofits!

Don’t forget to make your plea personal; let people know how San Diego Writers, Ink has contributed to your growth as an artist, writer, reader, etc.

In addition to blanketing friends, family, and followers on your email list, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, don’t forget the people with whom you work; have they come to you asking you to buy Girl Scout cookies, sponsor a fundraiser, or pledge money for a charity walk? Remember, it’s okay to ask!

When you send out your request by email or chat with friends and co-workers, make connections to their lives. You are as passionate about your writing community as that person is about his/her community of friends or organizations that they support.

In your email solicitations, in addition to sending a link to your Write-a-thon pledge page, be sure to include an additional link to the San Diego Writers, Ink home page. Once they see all the wonderful program offerings, they are SURE to contribute to the cause!

Here’s a link to a Sample Sponsor Letter you can use as a guide to create your own.

Sample Sponsor Letter 

Try these fun incentives to encourage folks to GIVE BIG! For example…

• Anyone who contributes $25 ($50? $100?) or more will receive a personalized poem or piece of flash fiction, signed by the writer (you); you might also ask your patron to give you a theme, subject, genre, etc. to get you started.

• When you go around asking for pledges, carry a beautiful container and tell folks that contributing “x” dollars earns patrons one of the fortunes you have inside the box. You can write these on nice slips of paper ahead of time, predicting wonderful things for each person’s future.

• It’s amazing how far some people will go for chocolate! Carry around a batch of your special brownies, some unique truffles, mini candy bars or kisses to reward your special patrons.

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