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Interview with Daniel Primbs on E-Book Publishing by Lily Schultz

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Daniel Primbs will hold a class on formatting a book for Kindle Direct on October 24th.  Sign up for it at this link. Lily decided to find out a bit more about Daniel and his e-book background.

What made you choose publishing as a career?

Serendipity. Aionios Books was born on a tennis court. I’ve always loved reading and books, and during a tennis lesson was discussing ebook publishing with my student at the time, Gerri Santiago, who has since become my publishing partner. Her background in the publishing industry and enthusiasm were crucial in getting me involved in publishing.

In a similar vein, what drew you to the ebook industry over that of printed books?

I first became interested in ebooks when I became aware of, the non-profit that provides free public-domain ebooks. It was a revelation to be able to carry thousands of great books on a single device. However, I didn’t like the formatting of some of the Gutenberg ebooks, so I learned the basics of ebook formatting by altering them to my liking.

Ebooks are a boon to both indie publishing and mankind. Today, with an internet connection and an e-reader, anyone can acquire a library that only the wealthy could have afforded a hundred years ago.

Ebooks and print on demand have been revolutionary for indie publishing. The lower costs of production and distribution have opened up publishing for millions of writers. Ebooks never sell-out. Ebooks can be quickly updated. Online retailing means that a self-published book can potentially reach billions of readers.

On our blog (at I have a number of posts in which I extol the virtue of ebooks to a paper book junkie. Not to mention, I will be giving a workshop that will show you how to quickly turn a Word document into a functioning Kindle ebook.

I noticed on the website that you are (or were?) both an economist and a teacher. How have those careers influenced your job as a publisher?

They both have been helpful. Teaching has required me to always be learning, and as an indie publishing partner, there’s always something new to do and learn.

I’d like to think that being an economist has made me aware of the opportunities inherent in an industry in disruption. The rapid adoption of ebooks, print on demand, and online retailing has roiled the traditional big publishing houses. While competition is fierce, there are opportunities for indie publishers to make a mark, and hopefully develop successful new business models.


Lily Schultz is a volunteer with SDWI.

Daniel Primbs is a Publisher at Aionios Books, LLC