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Judy Reeves teaches Flash Fiction: The Art of Abbreviation

Date: First Class is Saturday, March 24, 2012 Time: 10am-4pm & 10am -1pm Number of sessions: 2-- Saturdays March 24, and April 7th Members: $145 Nonmembers: $172 Location: The Inkspot, 710 13th St, Ste 210, San Diego, CA 92101
Flash Fiction: The Art of Abbreviation

This form of short fiction is called by many names: sudden, short-short, instant, fast, micro, and postcard, to name just a few. But there’s more to the form than word count and in this workshop we’ll explore what it requires besides brevity.

We’ll spend our first meeting learning the genre through discussion, readings, and hands-on exercises. We’ll explore what works and why, get some good starts on our own short pieces (Flash Fiction can be as few as 50 words and as many as 1000), and ideas for even more.

In our second session (April 7th), participants will bring a completed manuscript to class for read and critique and options for publication will be discussed.

Judy Reeves is a writer, teacher and writing practice provocateur whose books include A Writer’s Book of Days, which won Best Nonfiction in the 2011 San Diego Book Awards; Writing Alone, Writing Together; A Creative Writer’s Kit and The Writer’s Retreat Kit. Other works include two plays written with the Second Story Writers, a women’s writing ensemble; and a chapbook of poetry, The Kind of Woman She Is. Two of her flash fictions appear in the forthcoming A Year in Ink, Vol. 5. Her nonfiction work has appeared in the San Diego Reader and Personal Journaling magazine where she was a columnist for three years. In addition to leading private writing workshops, Judy teaches creative writing at UCSD Extension and speaks at writing conferences internationally. She is a board member of San Diego Writers, Ink.