Start Your New Year Off WRITE!

Laura Preble teaches Writing Speculative Fiction

Date: First Class is Thursday, April 19, 2012 Time: 7pm to 9pm Number of sessions: 2--Thursdays, April 19 and 26 Members: $70 Nonmembers: $82 Location: The Inkspot, 710 13th St, Ste 210, San Diego, CA 92101


Writing Speculative Fiction: Walking on the Edge of What If…

Speculative literature is a catch-all term meant to inclusively span the breadth of fantastic literature, encompassing literature ranging from hard science fiction to epic fantasy to ghost stories to horror to folk and fairy tales to slipstream to magical realism to modern myth-making — and more. Any piece of literature containing a fabulist or speculative element would fall under our aegis, and would potentially be work that we would be interested in supporting.

Some examples are Ursula Le Guin, Margaret Atwood, Frank Herbert (Dune) and Kazuo Ishigur0.

Creating a world that resembles ours but has significant differences is a challenge, but it can be wild, fun ride.

Join Laura Preble for an exciting new writing class. This two-session class will explore basic concepts of speculative fiction, strategize world-building, and look at trends in speculative fiction in the marketplace.

Read more about Speculative Literature here.

Laura Preble has published three young adult novels (Queen Geek Social Club, Queen Geeks in Love, Prom Queen Geeks) with Penguin/Berkley Jam. She is the recipient of a Kurt Vonnegut Fiction Prize, and has had work published in the North American Review, Writer’s Digest, and other magazines.  Laura’s YA speculative fiction novel, OUT, is currently in film and publishing contract negotiations. She’s a blogger for and has her own blog at