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Maritza Rico Interviews reg e gaines

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Author Interviews, Fresh Ink | Comments Off on Maritza Rico Interviews reg e gaines

Do you dream of standing in front of an audience, mastering the art of spoken word? Make your way to Writer’s Ink, Saturday, February 1st, to be trained by Tony Award winning playwright reg e gaines.

Through his work performed by actor Jeffrey Wright (Boardwalk Empire, Angels In America, Basquiat, Syriana and Top Dog Under Dog), reg e gaines has mastered the craft of writing and transforming poems into powerful monologues, full of imagery and descriptive words that can set an image in an audience’s mind.

reg e gaines has designed a workshop for people who are interested in editing and perfecting their work to meet the criteria of high-end writers; worthy of a high-scale audience performance.

The talented playwright took his time to answer some questions about the workshop. He talked about his mission and purpose of the workshop, and what students should expect when attending the class.

Maritza Rico: What does the workshop consist of?

reg e gaines: The workshop is based on a principle that most writers’ words won’t fit in their mouths. Rarely giving thought to the ability, or inability, to say words created to convey story, it falls flat due to lack of confidence in how it sounds and not what it means.

MR: What will attendees be working on during the workshop?

RE: Editing and/ or re-writing are major components of “Is Poetry Theater.” Writers realize they can better choose words which function more like music.

MR: What will some of the products be when the workshop concludes?

RE: “Is Poetry Theater” workshops generally conclude with all participants itching to get in front of an audience. Having gained a better sense of the technical aspects of text construction and how word choice is directly related to their comfortability on stage, they are more prone to reshape and edit, so words will better fit in their mouths.

“Is Poetry Theater” is your chance to work with an amazing instructor to perfect your public speaking skills and master the art of presentation.

This interactive, hands-on workshop will teach you what you need to know about editing, writing and presenting to deliver amazing spoken art.

Spaces are limited, so make sure to book your spot. If you are interested follow the link above, and help yourself to an amazing time with a world-recognized playwright!

Stick around after class for a reading with reg e at 6pm.



regegainesreg e gaines has facilitated his popular, “Is Poetry Theater?” workshops during various residencies including, The University of Southern California, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles Windward School, The Nuyorican Poets Café, Voz Alta Project Gallery, The World Stage, Beyond Baroque, Farleigh Dickinson University, Rosa Parks Performing Arts Academy, Passaic County Community College, Montclair Public Library, and Scratch DJ Academy, which he co-founded with Jam Master Jay and Rob Principe.