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New Year / New Writing Classes

Start the New Year Off WRITE!

Start the New Year off Write

We are adding new classes every week, but never more than at the start of a year.  Keep track of the classes that are meant to start you (and your writing project!) off on the right (WRITE!) foot for the new year.

2018-02/25 Journaling and SoulCollage®: Creating New Beginnings with Mary Lee Moser

  NEW DATE/TIME SoulCollage® and Journal to the Self® are two profound expressive processes that, when combined, can provide guidance…

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2018-02/25 Valentine Hangover: A Generative Writing Workshop with Judy Reeves

Now that the Most Romantic Day of the Year has come and gone, let’s write about love’s leftovers, still-burning embers or what’s gone to ash.…

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2018-02/25 What Makes a Poem a Poem? with Molly Larson Cook

This lively four-week series is for beginning poets as well as those with years of experience. As we consider the question – what makes a poem a…

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2018-03/03 Someday? Make it Today! A Writing Workshop for Middle School Kids with Sally J. Pla

Are you a middle school student, ages 11 to 14? Are you interested in writing? Do you write poems or screenplays or articles or graphic novels or…

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