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One-on-One Consultations and Read & Critiques of Short and Full Manuscripts

Date: Ongoing Time: Various Number of sessions: One Members: arrange by email Nonmembers: arrange by email Location: Various

 1-on-1 Consultations and Author Read & Critiques of Short and Full Manuscripts are available by arrangement.  Email Kristen at for information.

NEW: One-on-One Consultations

  • Applying for funding, a residency, or grad school?
  • Starting a blog?
  • Wanting to learn about media options for writers?
  • Just wanting to write on a regular basis?
Our one-on-one consultations may be the option for you.  Contact for information and to arrange payment.  Price varies by length of consultation, type of manuscript (if it is a critique) and the instructor.  Email Kristen with information about what you are looking for in a consultation and receive a price quote.
Meet with Kristen Fogle, Judy Reeves, Marni Freedman, T. Greenwood, Kim Keeline, and other SDWI instructors for individual consultations. Consultations are one hour minimum each.

Desiring personal feedback back on a manuscript from published authors?  1-on-1 consultations may be the thing for you!

Choose an author from the list below. Bios are available here. If you need assistance selecting an author, let us know.

Think about your goals for this project. How would you describe yourself as a writer? Is there any specific feedback that you are looking for?

 Prices vary by membership status and type of consultation or Read and Critique. 

For short manuscripts, prepare to submit up to 20 pages of prose (12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1-1.5″ margins), 25 pages of screen or theatrical script (in proper script format, 12 pt. font, 1-1.5″ margins), or 10 pages of poetry (12 pt. font, single-spaced, 1-1.5″ margins, flush left, with one poem per page).

For long manuscripts, please be clear about page number when you email for a price quote. Especially long manuscripts may not qualify and instructors must approve manuscript length before agreeing to work with you. Additional fees may apply depending on word count.

SDWI will contact you within a few days to schedule your meeting. Meetings should occur within a month of registration provided you submit your manuscript within two weeks of enrollment.

Available Authors for One-on-One Read and Critique (other instructors may be available–contact us at and identify what sort of 1-on-1 you desire and we will find out who else might fit what you are looking for in a consultation or read and critique.

(Genres and meeting time and format frameworks noted below)


Luke Dani Blue: Negotiable.

Mark Clements: Negotiable.

Kristen Fogle: Negotiable. Specializes in editing non-fiction pieces including theses and student work.

Marni Freedman:  Meet at the Ink Spot or central San Diego.  Phone sessions available; specializes in screenwriting, fiction, non-fiction, and theatrical plays.  Special experience with structure, character, story idea, dialogue and basically kicking your craft up to the next level!  Also available to assist with marketing yourself as an author and creating a platform.  Available most weekdays and some evenings.

Lisa Fugard: Meet in Encinitas area; specializes in fiction and memoir; available to meet daytime and weekends (no nights); willing to critique by phone.

T. Greenwood: Meet at the Ink Spot; specializes in fiction, memoir and creative nonfiction; open meeting schedule; willing to critique by phone or email.

Kirsten Imani Kasai: Negotiable.

Kim Keeline:  Meet at Ink Spot or public location (not more than 30 minute commute from SDSU area).  Will do phone, email, or Skype consultation, if needed.  Consult with Kim on marketing, social media, blogging, web site design for writers, PowerPoint presentations and public speaking, business writing, and writing about literature.

Laura Preble: Meet in East County, South or Central San Diego; specializes in YA, nonfiction (journalism), humor, speculative fiction; available afternoons and early evenings, some weekends; willing to critique via email.

Judy Reeves: Negotiable.  Judy specializes in fiction and nonfiction writing, and is particularly well known for her encouraging attitude and getting people to write their works to the best of their ability.

Carlos de los Rios: Negotiable.  Carlos specializes in screenplay writing, moving from script to screen.

Jim Ruland: Meet in Central, South or East San Diego; specializes in memoir, literary fiction and narrative nonfiction; available to meet weekdays evenings after 7pm.

Jennifer Silver Redmond: Meet at the Ink Spot; specializes nonfiction or fiction (memoirs, novels, creative non, YA); open meeting schedule; willing to do email critiques.