Patrick McMahon Book Release Party

Date: June 26 Time: 3pm - 5pm Number of sessions: 1 - It's a party! Members: Free! Nonmembers: Free! Location: The Ink Spot 710 13th Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Join us in celebrating the long-awaited release of Patrick McMahon’s memoir: Becoming Patrick. Patrick will be reading from and signing copies of his book, along with refreshments. Copies will be available for purchase.

When Pat McMahon risks the love of the mother who raised him by seeking out the mother who gave him away, he transforms from a mild-mannered engineer into a frenetic detective. After he overcomes the challenges of existential angst, bureaucratic roadblocks, and unemployment, the phone call to his first mother releases a torrent of long-buried feelings. During a sometimes turbulent long-distance unfolding, he absorbs her shocking revelations and comes out as gay once again. Their eventual reunion creates a profound bond, even as he navigates waves of conflicting emotions, merges past with present, and embarks on a new future rooted in truth and insights into the universal quest for identity and human connection. He is Becoming Patrick.

Advance Praise for Becoming Patrick:

“Any adoptee in search of his or her original parents, indeed anyone searching for themselves, will, after reading this book, realize that such a mission into a shadow past offers equal doses of self-doubt and self-determination. Were I on such a mission, I would have McMahon’s memoir as my guide.”
–Tom Larson, author of The Memoir and The Memoirist

“Patrick McMahon has written a memoir that is deeply honest. Your heart aches for the man who discovers the most profound lie that can be told about a baby given up for adoption. Yet here is a heart that continues the search, a spirit that believes in the truth, and a writer who is willing to go where the story takes him. This is a courageous book and ultimately, an uplifting one.”
–Judy Reeves, writing provocateur and author of A Writer’s Book of Days

“In Becoming Patrick, Patrick McMahon takes us on a rich and detailed journey of searching for his birth mother. We follow revelations about not just who his biological family is, but who Patrick is. McMahon’s writing weaves his tale with tenderness and honesty, and never wavers nor is afraid to present the surprises he encounters along the way.  With lyrical prose, he unravels his true story of discovering much more than he expected. It’s a love story of mother and son and self.”
–Amy Wallen, bestselling author of Moon Pies and Movie Stars

Becoming Patrick is a smartly crafted memoir that paints an unabashed and uncompromising picture of what it is to confront the anxiety, apprehension and (hopefully) relief an adoptee must weather while balancing two families – two loving mothers. What Patrick McMahon discovers and confronts on his way to ‘becoming Patrick’ may jar the emotions but will ultimately reward the heart. The alternate theme of ‘coming out to his original family as a gay man,’ although not profoundly central to the memoir, is woven throughout its fabric and texture with insight, humor, and grace.”
–Roger Aplon, poet and author of Barcelona Diary and The Man With His Back To The Room

Patrick McMahon is a writer, photographer, and musician. Born in Chicago, raised in its suburbs and in Missouri, he currently resides in San Diego. Visit him at


  1. randy caler says:

    I will come in Sunday the 26th to volunteer at 2:00 pm

    • Kelli says:

      Great, Randy! We have a workshop ending at 2pm. 2:15 or so would be great so you wouldn’t have to wait. Thanks for volunteering!

  2. Mary Green says:

    I will be happy to help. I will be there at 2 p.m.

    • Kelli says:

      Fantastic, Mary. We have a workshop ending at 2, so please come around 2:15. Appreciate your time!

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