Classes: Brainstorming, Writing Prompts and other Classes to Get You Started

You can see our complete list of classes on our Classes and Workshops page.  The classes below have been categorized as specializing in getting your writing started.

2017-03/05 Change of Seasons with Judy Reeves

The earth tilts, the sun shifts, and everything changes: the way the light falls against your bedroom wall, the breath of air against your skin the…

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2017-03/05 Point of View: Dig Deeper with Lisa Kessler

Dig a little deeper… Finding deep point of view in your fiction writing. Learn writing techniques to help you pull the reader deeper into the…

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2017-03/11 Stories in Things with Judy Reeves

We are like the magpie that hoards shiny objects for its nest; we accumulate things. We are collectors, hunters and gatherers, keepers of stuff.…

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2017-03/26 The Secrets to Story Structure and How to Finally Write Your Book with Elise Sax

Learn the basics of how to craft a story into a novel. You will learn the rules that all storytellers follow (even if they don't know it). Using…

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