Classes: Memoir

You can see our complete list of classes on our Classes and Workshops page.  The classes below have been categorized as focusing on writing memoir; learn how to tell your tale with one of these classes.

See also the SD Memoir Association Meetings on the 1st Saturday!

You may also be interested in information on Speak, Memory! A Support Group for Memoir (currently full, apply to be added to wait list)

2017-09/02 Memoir IV: Voice, Transitions, Symbolism with Marni Freedman

Agents often share that what makes a memoir stand out in the marketplace is a strong author’s voice. In this workshop we will uncover the soul of…

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2017-09/08 to 09/10 Fall for Writing Conference

REGISTRATION OPEN:  purchase pre-registration tickets for whole event (excluding special pitch/consult sessions) using buttons above (you will be…

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2017-09/14 The Art of the Personal Essay with Molly Larson Cook

Learn to compose thought-provoking and publishable personal essays about topics that interest you from today’s news to your favorite places in…

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2017-09/16 Tell Me a Story—Using the Techniques of Fiction to Craft a Compelling Memoir with Judy Reeves

When we say, “tell me a story,” what we really mean is transport me to another place and time where something interesting—maybe even…

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2017-10/01 Beyond Memoir with John Kaag

Truly great memoirs are never just memoirs. Perhaps they tell the story of a political movement, a country in turmoil, a historical moment, a…

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2017-10/14 Memoir V: Revising, Editing, Publishing with Marni Freedman

In this workshop students will learn the art of editing their memoir including identifying what and where to cut to streamline the plot. Students…

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2017-10/29 Time in Memoir—A Chronology of Its Own with Judy Reeves

Not every memoir is told in chronological order. In fact, most memoirs move both forward and backward in time, slip-sliding from past to present and…

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Weekly Speak, Memory: A Writing and Support Group for Memoirists with Judy Reeves

Contact Judy to be considered for this class (see info below). This small, ongoing group invites memoirists to come together for writing and…

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Weekly Tuesdays: Stories That Want to be Told Read-and-Critique for Memoirists with Judy Reeves

Read and critique is a way – possibly the only way—for writers to hear how their writing sounds to others. This is how we discover what is…

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