Classes: Memoir

You can see our complete list of classes on our Classes and Workshops page.  The classes below have been categorized as focusing on writing memoir; learn how to tell your tale with one of these classes.

See also the SD Memoir Association Meetings on the 1st Saturday!

You may also be interested in information on Speak, Memory! A Support Group for Memoir (currently full, apply to be added to wait list)

2017-10/18 The Art of the Personal Essay with Molly Larson Cook

Learn to compose thought-provoking and publishable personal essays about topics that interest you from today’s news to your favorite places in…

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2017-10/23 Before the Voice is Lost with Stacy Dyson

Before the Voice is Lost creates a record (audio and visual) of the life and times of San Diego’s 60+ crowd. This project will culminate in an…

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2017-10/23 Memoir Showcase Performance at North Coast Rep

What is the Memoir Showcase?    2017 Theme:  Where I Come From Join us:  for a night of rich, dramatic & funny stories filled with…

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2017-10/29 Time in Memoir—A Chronology of Its Own with Judy Reeves

Not every memoir is told in chronological order. In fact, most memoirs move both forward and backward in time, slip-sliding from past to present and…

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2017-11/05 Comeback Story POWER: Discover Your Own Hero’s Journey with Sandra Millers Younger

Explore your personal history and discover your Comeback Story—a succinct, powerful and polished version of your very own "hero's journey! This is…

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2017-12/06 Amherst Writers and Artists Workshop with Ann Bancroft

This is a workshop using the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method designed to strengthen writers’ voices on the page, to stimulate…

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2017-12/09 End of Year Memoir Bootcamp with Marni Freedman

Want to: 1) Get some quality time to write your memoir? 2) Receive some constructive feedback? 3) Share your work in a supportive setting? 4)…

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2018-01/11 FireScribe: Her Warrior Soul with Stacy Dyson

FireScribe is not for the faint of heart. These are sessions for women who know (or need to know) how to tell truth–their truth–from the depths,…

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Weekly Speak, Memory: A Writing and Support Group for Memoirists with Judy Reeves

Contact Judy to be considered for this class (see info below). This small, ongoing group invites memoirists to come together for writing and…

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Weekly Tuesdays: Stories That Want to be Told Read-and-Critique for Memoirists with Judy Reeves

Read and critique is a way – possibly the only way—for writers to hear how their writing sounds to others. This is how we discover what is…

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