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Classes: Nonfiction

You can see our complete list of classes on our Classes and Workshops page.  The classes below have been categorized as focusing on writing nonfiction (but Memoir has its own page).

2018-01/08 Before the Voice is Lost with Stacy Dyson

Before the Voice is Lost creates a record (audio and visual) of the life and times of San Diego’s 60+ crowd. This project will culminate in an…

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2018-01/13 Publishing Your Personal Essays with Molly Larson Cook

In a world full of words, how do you make yours stand out? How do you bring your unique voice into the light and generate interest in what you have…

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2018-01/17 A Writer’s Book of Days—First the Book, Now the Class—with Judy Reeves

There’s a reason both writers new to the craft and experienced wordsmiths continue to use this book nearly twenty years after its initial…

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2018-01/21 Making Stories from Memories with Judy Reeves

A fun and fast paced workshop creating two-page story starts, flash fictions or flash memoirs based on prompts from Abigail Thomas’s masterful…

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2018-02/24 Feature Writing with Felicia Campbell

Writing a feature story for a newspaper, magazine, or digital platform, goes beyond the recounting of facts. Features are all about telling stories…

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Weekly Mon 12pm Fiction/Non-Fiction Read and Critique with Sandra Millers Younger

Let's face it. No matter how much we hone our craft or how earnest our New Year's Resolutions, left to our own devices, it can be all too easy to…

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