Classes: Short Stories and Flash

You can see our complete list of classes on our Classes and Workshops page.  The classes below have been categorized as focusing on writing short stories and Flash (Flash Fiction or other types of very short pieces).

2017-02/26 Flash Fiction with Lisa Kessler

Short stories are an important part of your craft toolbox. Lisa Kessler will cover the basics of short story writing and flash fiction. We’ll study…

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2017-03/12 Story Structure with Rich Farrell

What does ‘structure’ mean in fiction? What defines story structure as applied to writing novels and short stories?  This class will explore the…

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2017-03/13 How to Write a Short Story with Cornelia Feye

During the six weeks of the class, we will develop a complete short story through writing prompts, points of view, character development, plot…

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2017-03/14 Humor Writing with David Coddon

Humor writing is among the trickiest techniques in all of fiction, regardless of form (novel, short story, sudden fiction, et. al.) It requires not…

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2017-04/02 Place in Writing with Rich Farrell

Good writing always evokes a sense of place for its readers, but how?  What does a writer do, and how do we organize our concepts of place, to…

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