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Classes: Short Stories and Flash

You can see our complete list of classes on our Classes and Workshops page.  The classes below have been categorized as focusing on writing short stories and Flash (Flash Fiction or other types of very short pieces).

2017-12/16 Show Don’t Tell with Rich Farrell

Writers have long heard "show don't tell," but what does that advice mean? How do writers practically employ this advice to write compelling, serious…

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2018-01/08 Creative Writing with David Coddon

NEW DATE!  You’ll be writing both in class and at home, then receiving supportive, constructive feedback from your instructor and your fellow…

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2018-01/08 The Craft of Short Stories with Cornelia Feye

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” George Orwell, 1984 With the help of famous first sentences and…

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2018-01/14 Writing Believable Dialogue with Cathy Scott

Speech humanizes characters. You’ll learn how to create dialogue that moves naturally and conversationally within your story. In this workshop,…

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2018-01/20 Power Words with Garr Kuhl

  Ignite your writing with perfect word choices. Whether writing an adult adventure thriller or middle grade fantasy, word choice and…

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2018-02/25 Valentine Hangover: A Generative Writing Workshop with Judy Reeves

Now that the Most Romantic Day of the Year has come and gone, let’s write about love’s leftovers, still-burning embers or what’s gone to ash.…

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2018-03/03 Someday? Make it Today! A Writing Workshop for Middle School Kids with Sally J. Pla

Are you a middle school student, ages 11 to 14? Are you interested in writing? Do you write poems or screenplays or articles or graphic novels or…

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