Classes & Workshops

We offer classes (several sessions) and workshops (one-time-only-meetings) in many genres including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir and creative nonfiction, screen and playwriting for all levels of writers. We also offer classes in creative writing and courses in creativity and inspiration. Our instructors are experienced writers in the genre they teach and the class size is limited to ensure personal attention and lively interaction.

Class and Workshop Registration

Participant payments will secure a spot in the class or workshop. The minimum enrollment is typically 3-4 students, and a class may be cancelled if the minimum is not met. San Diego Writers, Ink reserves the right to cancel registration if check payment has not been received by this time. Students will be notified the day before if the minimum has not been met and a class will be cancelled, modified, or rescheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: Though we do allow walk-in registrants, to help our instructors prepare and ensure classes do not get cancelled, modified, or rescheduled, please register in advance.  We evaluate registration numbers three days before a class  to begin to decide about whether to keep a scheduled class.

Participant Cancellation Policy

Participants will receive a refund (minus $10 for processing fees) if notice of cancellation is received at least 72 hours prior to the start of the class or workshop.

If notice of cancellation is received within 72 hours of the start of the class or workshop, participants will receive 50% of the registration fee paid.

There will be no refunds issued for cancellations after the start of the class or workshop.

San Diego Writers, Ink Cancellation Policy

If the class or workshop is cancelled by San Diego Writers, Ink, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded.

San Diego Writers, Ink aims to provide a diverse range of classes and workshops and works to ensure classes and workshops are not cancelled.

Upcoming Classes and Workshops:

06/27 Coming Out Stories–SDWI’s Pride 2017 Event

In celebration of SD LGBT Pride 2017, and in honor of the 20th anniversary of EllenDeGeneres' ground-breaking, ground-shaking “Coming Out”…

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1st Thurs Screenwriting Group with Carlos de los Rios

This monthly read and critique group allows participants to have pages of their material read aloud in a classic R&C format. But the group also…

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2017-06/18 Story Structure with Mark O’Bannon

Professional writers use fundamentally different…

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2017-06/20 Submissions for the Memoir Showcase – 2017

To Submit: 1. Pay Submission fee FIRST 2. Send your submission via email to: with "Memoir Showcase 2017" in the Subject…

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2017-06/22 FREE Intro to Write a Bestseller in a Weekend with Tom Bird

DATE CHANGE This FREE lecture will introduce you to the concepts from Tom Bird which will be more fully developed in his Saturday Course "How to…

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2017-06/24 The Tom Bird Method: You Can Write Your Book in a Weekend

NEW DATE! Many are drawn to the art form of writing to allow healing, transformation and the release of their divine potential. In this three-hour…

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2017-06/25 In the Palm of Your Heart: Gifts From the Activist Pen of Steve Kowit – Poem Making with Jim Moreno Part III

In April of this year, Part I of this three part series with City Heights Poet Jim Moreno delved into the elements of the memoir poem blended with…

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2017-06/25 Scene with Cathy Scott

Learn how to create scenes for both fiction and nonfiction that grab readers' attention and move the story forward. Learn how to build a scene, brick…

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2017-06/27 Point of View: Dig Deeper with Lisa Kessler

Dig a little deeper… Finding deep point of view in your fiction writing. Learn writing techniques to help you pull the reader deeper into the…

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2017-07/07 Jazz Up Your E-book Chapter Styling Using Freeware with Gerardeen M. Santiago and Daniel G. Primbs

This free talk is part of our FREE Open House First Friday event.  You do not need to RSVP but it helps the presenters if they have an idea of…

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2017-07/08 Turning Points with Judy Reeves

Our lives are filled with moments, large and small, that we emerge from a different person. James Joyce called them epiphanies and John L’Heureux…

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2017-07/09 Online Marketing Secrets with Mark O’Bannon

This is a free event, use the buy button to RSVP How to create a buying frenzy. What every author ought to know about writing and marketing. Some…

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2017-07/10 Creative Writing with David Coddon

You’ll be writing both in class and at home, then receiving supportive, constructive feedback from your instructor and your fellow writers. At…

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2017-07/15 Secrets of Fantasy Writing with Mark O’Bannon

Learn the secrets of writing the most popular story form there is: Fantasy. In the first part of this seminar, you’ll learn some of the advanced…

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2017-07/15 Summer Writing Retreat in Nature

Spend a Summer Saturday writing spontaneously to prompts and exercises in the lively company of other writers, or work on your own project in a…

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2017-07/15 The Best Job in the World: Travel Writing–The Myths and the Reality with Ray Bartlett

Many people think they want to be a travel writer, but what they really want is to get paid to drink margaritas on the beach all day.  Join full…

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2017-07/16 Street Talk: Crafting Moody Dialog for Genre Stories with Matt Phillips

This two-hour course will help genre writers craft moody dialog for stories of crime, mystery, and mayhem. We'll also discuss strategies for…

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2017-07/22 Summer Poems – The Muse by the Sea with Molly Larson Cook

Hot town!  Summer in the city!  It’s a great time to rouse your poetry Muse and celebrate the season as so many poets before have done.  We’ll…

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2017-08/12 A Few Hours of Billy Collins and Raymond Carver with Molly Larson Cook

Poet Billy Collins and poet/short story writer Raymond Carver have influenced many a 21st Century writer with their poems and stories that seem so…

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2017-08/12 How to Start a Novel with Jennifer Lane

Facing down the blank page is often the most difficult part of writing a novel. In this 3-week workshop, we will go over methods for generating and…

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2017-08/19 Novel IV: Plot & Structure with T. Greenwood

Novel IV: Plot & Structure: While your characters are the beating heart of your novel, your plot is its bones. Whether you are an outliner or…

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2017-09/02 Memoir IV: Voice, Transitions, Symbolism with Marni Freedman

Agents often share that what makes a memoir stand out in the marketplace is a strong author’s voice. In this workshop we will uncover the soul of…

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2017-09/17 Navigating the Social Media World For Beginners with Maggie Espinosa

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media doesn’t have to be difficult. This class will teach you how to cruise through the murky waters…

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2017-09/30 Make Your Book Talk with Tamara Merrill

Well written dialogue will make your characters come alive. It will move your story forward, advancing your plot in a natural flow. Participating in…

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2017-10/14 Memoir V: Revising, Editing, Publishing with Marni Freedman

In this workshop students will learn the art of editing their memoir including identifying what and where to cut to streamline the plot. Students…

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2017-10/21 Novel V: Revising the Novel with T. Greenwood

So you’ve finished writing your novel — what next? What do published novelists do between that raw first draft and the final manuscript to make…

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2017-12/10 Query Letter: The Writing and Submitting Process with T. Greenwood

So you’ve finished writing (and revising) your novel — what next? In this one day workshop, participants will learn about how to craft the…

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2nd Saturdays: Poetry Draft, Craft, Submit! with Tania Pryputniewicz

Are you ready to stop hiding? Ready to get your work out there? In this class, in addition to monthly craft lessons and themed prompts, you’ll be…

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Weekly Speak, Memory: A Writing and Support Group for Memoirists with Judy Reeves

Contact Judy to be considered for this class (see info below). This small, ongoing group invites memoirists to come together for writing and…

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Weekly Tuesdays: Stories That Want to be Told Read-and-Critique for Memoirists with Judy Reeves

Read and critique is a way – possibly the only way—for writers to hear how their writing sounds to others. This is how we discover what is…

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