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Classes & Workshops

We offer classes (several sessions) and workshops (one-time-only-meetings) in many genres including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir and creative nonfiction, screen and playwriting for all levels of writers. We also offer classes in creative writing and courses in creativity and inspiration. Our instructors are experienced writers in the genre they teach and the class size is limited to ensure personal attention and lively interaction.

Class and Workshop Registration

Participant payments will secure a spot in the class or workshop. The minimum enrollment is typically 3-4 students, and a class may be cancelled if the minimum is not met. San Diego Writers, Ink reserves the right to cancel registration if check payment has not been received by this time. Students will be notified the day before if the minimum has not been met and a class will be cancelled, modified, or rescheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: Though we do allow walk-in registrants, to help our instructors prepare and ensure classes do not get cancelled, modified, or rescheduled, please register in advance.  We evaluate registration numbers three days before a class  to begin to decide about whether to keep a scheduled class.

Participant Cancellation Policy

Participants will receive a refund (minus $10 for processing fees) if notice of cancellation is received at least 72 hours prior to the start of the class or workshop.

If notice of cancellation is received within 72 hours of the start of the class or workshop, participants will receive 50% of the registration fee paid.

There will be no refunds issued for cancellations after the start of the class or workshop.

San Diego Writers, Ink Cancellation Policy

If the class or workshop is cancelled by San Diego Writers, Ink, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded.

San Diego Writers, Ink aims to provide a diverse range of classes and workshops and works to ensure classes and workshops are not cancelled.

Upcoming Classes and Workshops:


03/03 Intermediate Narrative Non-Fiction with Caitlin Rother

Do you have a true story to tell? New York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother will break down the craft of telling true stories using fiction…

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La Jolla Pen to Paper

03/05 First Annual SDWI Memoir Showcase Deadline

What is it:  The First Annual SDWI Memoir Showcase What we need from you:  Seeking 5-6 minute memoir pieces that can be translated into a…

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03/05 Intermediate Fiction with Jenny Lane

If you have a piece you're working on, or if you are a seasoned writer looking to begin a new project, then this course is for you. This is a…

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stackofbooks= publicdomain

03/07 Barnes and Noble Day for SDWI

A full day of events is scheduled for the San Diego Writers, Ink’s (SDWI) fundraiser at the Barnes & Noble’s Point Loma Bookstar location…

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03/07 Intermediate Screenwriting with Carlos de los Rios

Take a class that is about getting actual pages of your new script finished. This class will explore:   the structure of scenes using…

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03/08 Olfactory Memoirs–Generative and Revision Workshops with Judy Reeves

FREE WRITING WORKSHOPS! Writers must commit to both workshops. We’re particularly interested in hearing stories from writers with childhood…

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03/08 Poetry and Music with Emily Vizzo

San Diego writer Emily Vizzo and reggae musician James Alger of One Drop team up for a poetry and music workshop. The focus isn’t on song writing,…

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The Sands of Time: death, books public domain

03/08 Voice Lessons: Creating Atmosphere and Mood with Judy Reeves

Here's where the writer gets to work magic through language. Want to create an atmosphere that evokes an emotion in the reader? Do it through…

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03/09 The First 10 Pages with Jenny Lane

Do you need help getting started with your newest project? Or maybe you're looking to revise the first 10 pages so that they shine when you send out…

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03/10 Deadline to get a package deal on Journaling classes ($15 off)

Buy the package deal now and save $15 by buying all 3 classes at once. Click HERE to get the package deal. To encourage early registration, we are…

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03/10 Workshop Your Flash Fiction with Lisa Kessler

We will get together and workshop scenes from your work in progress or pieces of flash fiction or short stories. You can bring up to 750 words or 3…

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03/12 Grant Writing with Hess and Fitzmorris

Successful grant development is a combination of writing, organization, attention to detail, and creativity.  As with any writing project, the…

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03/14 How to Fix a Story with Mark O’Bannon

You’ve written your story, but something is wrong. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you believe its a serious problem. How do you know…

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Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.53.35 PM

03/15 Scrivener 101: An Introduction to the Best Writing Software with Brian Peyton Joyner

After this class, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Scrivener. If you’ve considered looking for an alternative to MS-Word but wondered…

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03/17 SOULCOLLAGE® and Journaling: Archetype Influences on Creativity with Mary Lee Moser

SoulCollage® and Journal to the Self® are two profound expressive processes that, when combined, can provide guidance and encouragement for our…

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03/18 Dialogue with Deborah Serra

Date change! Are your characters authentic?  Is your dialogue character specific?  Do you know how to work critical exposition into a scene…

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03/21 Crafting the Scene with Marni Freedman

HOW TO WRITE A SCENE Learn the 5 Point Method to scene writing and deliver scenes that consistently deliver and sparkle! If you have ever…

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03/21 Using Tarot Cards to Inspire Fiction with Lisa Kessler

Has your novel stalled/ Out of ideas for new stories? Want to try something out of the box to get your creativity flowing? You don't have to be a…

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03/28 Internet Marketing Secrets for Authors with Mark O’Bannon

In this seminar, author/publisher Mark O’Bannon (The Dream Crystal, The Dark Mirrors of Heaven, Warfare in Paradise, Aia the Barbarian, Fantasy…

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03/31 Brainstorming: Sparking Your Creativity and Beating Writer’s Block with Kim Keeline

This workshop will be hands-on writing time using some different tools, which will work for writers of fiction and nonfiction alike. They are all…

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04/04 Feature Writing and Personal Essay with Clayton Truscott

A practical workshop for writers at all levels, dedicated to the craft of writing feature articles, personal essays, and narrative nonfiction.…

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solutions-computer-keyboard-success public domain

04/07 Intermediate Blogging with Tania Pryputniewic

Your blog is up and running or the one you’ve been considering is nearing launch. Join us to maintain your blogging momentum and challenge your…

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silohuette-person-computer-typing public domain

04/11 Novel II: Intermediate Novel Writing with T. Greenwood

In this workshop, students will expand upon what they have learned in Novel I about the key components of novel writing. The focus of this workshop…

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04/11 Writing as a Path to the Heart : A Deepening of Self Love for Women with Lara Eisenberg

Do you look to others for validation of your value and worth? Do you feel disconnected from you body, your power, and sensual, feminine…

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04/12 The List Poem, Beginning with Artist Manifesto, with Emily Vizzo

People love lists – grocery lists, Top Ten lists, to do lists, wish lists – the list goes on. Poets love lists too, sometimes to great effect.…

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04/12 Voice Lessons: It All Depends on Your Point of View with Judy Reeves

What if the story of Little Red Riding Hood were told from the perspective of the Big Bad Wolf? Imagine how that opportunist Cinderella would be…

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04/16 The Medicine Wheel: Finding Direction & Inspiration with Native American Poetry with Jim Moreno

SDWI instructor Jim Moreno will offer a one day poetry workshop in April (National Poetry Month) entitled The Medicine Wheel: Finding Direction &…

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04/18 Creating Unforgettable Characters with Marni Freedman

Your One Stop Shop for all things Character! After years of writing, studying, editing and coaching, I’m excited to introduce a new, creatively…

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04/19 Climax with Rich Farrell

What makes for a successful climax? How do writers walk the line between dramatic storytelling, melodrama, and schlock? Does contemporary fiction…

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04/20 Creative Writing with Jenny Lane

Get a jump start on writing with this 4-session workshop. Whether you're a new writer with a big idea, or a seasoned writer who needs some extra…

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04/21 SOULCOLLAGE® and Journaling: Working Realistically with Time and Other Resources with Mary Lee Moser

SoulCollage® and Journal to the Self® are two profound expressive processes that, when combined, can provide guidance and encouragement for our…

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05/16 Comedy Writing with Marni Freedman

Learn how to Write Funny (even if you're not!) Come learn the basics of Comedy Writing - inspired by the Vorhaus Method Join Marni for this fun,…

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05/17 Breaking into Travel Writing with Maggie Espinosa

Travel the world and get paid! Turn your writing skills into a travel career. Travel Journalist, Maggie Espinosa, will show you how to sell your…

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cougar animal public domain

05/19 SOULCOLLAGE® and Journaling: The Animal Companion as Guide, Muse, and Witness with Mary Lee Moser

SoulCollage® and Journal to the Self® are two profound expressive processes that, when combined, can provide guidance and encouragement for our…

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letter-writing-valentines-love public domain

05/30 Query Letters: The Writing and Submitting Process with T. Greenwood

So you’ve finished writing (and revising) your novel — what next? In this one day workshop, participants will learn about how to craft the…

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hard at work, writing

07/07 Advanced Blogging I with Tania Pryputniewicz

You are in the swing of blogging, creating fabulous content on a regular basis per you own schedule of posting. How do you continue to explore your…

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feather-quil-writing public domain

07/25 Novel III: Characterization in the Novel with T. Greenwood

When writing a novel, we must know our primary characters inside and out. We need to understand their desires, motivations, and frustrations, their…

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09/19 Novel IV: Plot & Structure with T. Greenwood

Novel IV: Plot & Structure: While your characters are the beating heart of your novel, your plot is its bones. Whether you are an outliner or…

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09/22 Advanced Blogging II with Tania Pryputniewicz

You have a manuscript in mind (either you are working on it or it is near completion). Alternately, maybe you are a writer/artist with exhibits on…

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11/07 Novel V: Revising Your Novel with T. Greenwood

So you’ve finished writing your novel — what next? What do published novelists do between that raw first draft and the final manuscript to make…

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letter-writing-valentines-love public domain

12/06 Query Letters: The Writing and Submitting Process with T. Greenwood

So you’ve finished writing (and revising) your novel — what next? In this one day workshop, participants will learn about how to craft the…

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