Classes & Workshops

We offer classes (several sessions) and workshops (one-time-only-meetings) in many genres including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir and creative nonfiction, screen and playwriting for all levels of writers. We also offer classes in creative writing and courses in creativity and inspiration. Our instructors are experienced writers in the genre they teach and the class size is limited to ensure personal attention and lively interaction.

Class and Workshop Registration

Participant payments will secure a spot in the class or workshop. The minimum enrollment is typically 3-4 students, and a class may be cancelled if the minimum is not met. San Diego Writers, Ink reserves the right to cancel registration if check payment has not been received by this time. Students will be notified the day before if the minimum has not been met and a class will be cancelled, modified, or rescheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: Though we do allow walk-in registrants, to help our instructors prepare and ensure classes do not get cancelled, modified, or rescheduled, please register in advance.  We evaluate registration numbers three days before a class  to begin to decide about whether to keep a scheduled class.

Participant Cancellation Policy

Participants will receive a refund (minus $10 for processing fees) if notice of cancellation is received at least 72 hours prior to the start of the class or workshop.

If notice of cancellation is received within 72 hours of the start of the class or workshop, participants will receive 50% of the registration fee paid.

There will be no refunds issued for cancellations after the start of the class or workshop.

San Diego Writers, Ink Cancellation Policy

If the class or workshop is cancelled by San Diego Writers, Ink, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded.

San Diego Writers, Ink aims to provide a diverse range of classes and workshops and works to ensure classes and workshops are not cancelled.

Upcoming Classes and Workshops:


*11/30 Story Structure with Mark O’Bannon

Professional writers use fundamentally different techniques than average writers. According to John Truby, the premier story consultant in Hollywood,…

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*12/01 How to Edit Your Own Writing with Kirsten Imani Kasai

Switching from the creativity of the writer to the critical eye of an editor can be challenging for writers at any stage of their writing career.…

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*12/05 Love Me First Holiday Workshop For Women with Lara Eisenberg

Do you feel overwhelmed during the holidays and disregard your body’s messages? Do you end up compulsively shopping, eating, drinking or…

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*12/06 Query Letters: The Writing and Submitting Process with T. Greenwood

So you’ve finished writing (and revising) your novel — what next? In this one day workshop, participants will learn about how to craft the…

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*12/09 Fast & Furious: Create Short Short Fiction / Personal Narratives 5 Minutes at a Time with Judy Reeves

This generative workshop invites you to work in timed writings, five minutes at a time, to create brief stories or personal narratives…

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Courtship of a Story by Blair Thornley

*12/12 Characters with Marni Freedman

Join Marni for a 3-Part Character Series Only offered once a year! Part One:  Characters and Dialogue:  Held 10/17 Part Two:…

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*12/12 Stillness in Writing with Rich Farrell

Pico Iyer asks: "What is the silence between two thoughts?" As writers, we are always engaged with a struggle between stillness and motion, between…

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*12/13 Family Stories Writing Retreat and Workshop with Judy Reeves

We can never write all our family stories; there are simply too many. As Flannery O’Connor said, “If you survived childhood, you have enough…

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*12/17 Fall for SoulCollage: “Returning Light” Open Studio with Mary Lee Moser

Third Thursday of the Month: December theme: Returning Light SoulCollage® and Journal to the Self® are two enjoyable expressive processes…

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*12/20 Action Stories with Mark O’Bannon

Action stories are among the most popular genres. Action stories are among the highest grossing films in Hollywood. In this class you will…

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*12/20 Salvage your December with Tania Pryputniewicz

Most writers I know are pretty grumpy around holiday time—don’t get me wrong—we love our friends and our families. We just also really love to…

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The candle burns brightly as we write

*12/20 Winter Solstice Writing Retreat and Workshop with Judy Reeves

As the longest night of the year approaches, we’ll gather in the evocative atmosphere of (Inspirations Gallery) where we’ll light our Solstice…

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*12/27 How to Design a Series (Both Novels and TV Series) with Mark O’Bannon

One of the best ways to attract an audience is to create a series. In this class you will learn: Ø The difference between serialized stories,…

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*12/31 New Year’s Eve Writing Marathon with Judy Reeves

Write your way into the New Year in classic marathon-style. There'll be prompts and props and lively writing exercises to keep our pens going through…

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01/03 Vision Boards with Judy Reeves

Begin the New Year with an all-day goal-shaping, intention-setting, vision-seeking, commitment-making, dream-building, New Year’s workshop for…

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01/05 Brainstorming with Kim Keeline

This workshop will be hands-on writing time using some different tools, which will work for writers of fiction and nonfiction alike. They are all…

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01/06 Transitions & Associations with Lisa Shapiro

The act of moving a character from one scene to the next, or naturally changing his or her train of thought, can be shown by using transitions. Learn…

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01/07 The Artists’ Way with Kristen Fogle and Lydia Real

Celebrate the new year by discovering and recovering your creative self. This powerful twelve-week course is for novices and working artists of all…

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01/09 Get Your Book DONE! Overcoming Writers Block and Procrastination with Michael Anderson

Do you have a burning desire to write and publish a book? …but…do you have resistance to putting words to paper? Whether you don’t even…

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01/09 Goal Setting for Creatives with Jill G. Hall

Is it time to finish that novel, start submitting poems for publication or maybe even just carve out more time for writing? In this quick workshop…

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01/09 The Art of Critiquing – Giving and Receiving Feedback with Lisa Kessler

Critique partners are one of the most important tools in improving your craft, but finding the right fit is important. In this class, we'll sharpen…

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01/09 Writing Memorable Prose with Judy Reeves

When you go from the abstract to the concrete in your writing you move from the head and into the body where the heart of the story lives. Good…

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01/12 Blogging 101 with Kim Keeline

It seems everyone has a blog nowadays. It is a prime way for people to share their ideas. And whether you simply want to write a blog or use it to…

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01/13 How to Write a Short Story with Cornelia Feye

During the six weeks of the class, we will develop a complete short story through writing prompts, points of view, character development, plot…

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01/14 Creative Writing with David Coddon

If your New Year’s resolution is to stop just talking about writing that short story or novel that’s burning inside of you, this six-week…

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01/24 Writing with an Accent: Finding Your Writers Voice with Zoe Ghahremani

In this four–hour workshop, we’ll be running through writing exercises designed to bring out your distinct voice and turn idiosyncrasies into the…

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01/29 Write/Right from God: Write Your Bestseller in a Weekend (FREE) with Tom Bird

The New York Times says that 81% of Americans believe that they have books "stuck inside of them" that they just have to get out. Now, what if that…

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01/30 Novel Writing I with T. Greenwood

Learn the basics of novel writing in six weeks from T. Greenwood! If you have always wanted to write a novel but didn’t know where to start,…

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01/31 Dialogue Is A Writer’s Best Friend with Luke Dani Blue

Eudora Welty famously said dialogue provided her greatest pleasures in writing. She relished the challenge of making a single line “do four or five…

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01/31 Writing Compelling, Marketable YA with Jennifer Silva Redmond

Writing for Young Adult and New Adult audiences can be exciting and rewarding—the market is hungry for marketable YA fiction, with agents and…

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02/09 Memoir: How to Write a Salable Personal Story and Enjoy the Process with Howard Shulman and Trish Wilkinson

Whether you’re contemplating writing a memoir, in the midst, or in the revision phase, this three-hour workshop will provide the tools you need to…

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02/13 Life, Love, Loss and What I Wore with Judy Reeves

Often our memories are tied to our favorite clothes. Who doesn't have that memorable little black dress, those particular jeans, the sweater we wore…

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02/21 Shaping Point-Of-View–Every Sentence is a Camera Lens with Luke Dani Blue

What do a story’s verbs, adjectives and even sentence length have in common? Each of these ingredients provides vital information about whose…

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02/27 The Comic Toolbox with John Vorhaus

It’s that “how to be funny even if you’re not” part, isn’t it? Intriguing… beguiling… slightly befuddling. But let’s face it, even if…

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02/28 Short Story with Libby Flores

Short short stories (less than twenty-five hundred words) have the power to arrest the attention of a reader in a finite space. What can a writer…

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03/12 Finding Our Voices, Telling Our Stories with Judy Reeves

Within every human being dwells an innate sense of storytelling and each of us has a unique voice with which to tell our stories. In a safe and…

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03/19 Novel II: Intermediate Novel Writing with T. Greenwood

In this 6-week workshop, students will expand upon what they have learned in Novel I about the key components of novel writing. The focus of this…

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03/19 Writing to Visual Prompts with Jill G. Hall

In this fun workshop, your writing will deepen and become clearer through the use of visual stimuli such as art pieces, postcards and magazine…

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04/03 Breaking into Travel Writing with Maggie Espinosa

Travel the world and get paid! Turn your writing skills into a travel career. Travel Journalist, Maggie Espinosa, will show you how to sell your…

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05/14 Novel III: Characterization in the Novel with T. Greenwood

When writing a novel, we must know our primary characters inside and out. We need to understand their desires, motivations, and frustrations, their…

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09/03 Novel IV: Plot & Structure with T. Greenwood

Novel IV: Plot & Structure: While your characters are the beating heart of your novel, your plot is its bones. Whether you are an outliner or…

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10/29 Novel V: Revising Your Novel with T. Greenwood

So you’ve finished writing your novel — what next? What do published novelists do between that raw first draft and the final manuscript to make…

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10/29 Tools, Practice and Purpose: How to be a Writer Who Has It All with John Vorhaus

Everything we need to know about writing can be summed up as "tools, practice and purpose": what we do; how we do it; and why we bother to do it at…

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