Party – Invitation Only

As an added bonus for writers who raise $350+ and/or anyone donating $150+ to SDWI, one of our generous members is throwing an exclusive cocktail party in his beautiful home (see pictures below – it’s a wonder he gets any writing done in this gorgeous place!). Enjoy wine, cheese and, of course, great company. If this doesn’t make you want to donate, write, donate, and write – we don’t know what will!

The details:

  • The party will be the Friday (June 10th) after Blazing Laptops from 5 – 8pm.
  • Detailed invitations (with address and directions) will be sent out as above-mentioned donation goals are met.
  • To qualify, donations must be received by the end of the event, 6pm on June 5th.
  • Questions? Contact Kelli at