Screenwriting: Interview with Carlos de los Rios by Adria Britton

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30 November 2013

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Sometimes the magic of a movie captivates me in such a way that I forget there is a magician who assembles the beauty.  The magician of a movie is the screenwriter.  A screenwriter’s magic does not lie in an “abracadabra,” however—it lies in meticulous forethought and hours of work.  A successful screenwriter strategizes, concocting methods to create a screenplay that passes the modern readers’ acceptance test.

Screenwriting magic tricks are not often revealed, so I encourage all curious and excited writers to join Carlos de los Rios’s “Screenwriting 101” class, where many of these tricks will be expressed, explored, and exploited.  On December 7, Carlos will share the process of how to create and revise core movie concepts, and assist participants with learning how to think like a screenwriter.

As an experienced screenwriter and producer, Carlos works as a writing coach and a script doctor, and gives lectures throughout California.

Here he answers a few questions regarding his upcoming class at the Ink Spot:


What part of teaching screenwriting intrigues you most? 

I love to see a writer work on a piece from concept to finished script. It is a great thing to watch a rough idea take shape and get down onto the page.

What do you think sets your screenwriting class apart?

Two things: 1) I still work in the business so I take a very practical, hands-on approach to learning and 2) I focus heavily on what Hollywood focuses primarily on—core movie concept.

Who would be the “perfect fit” for this workshop?

Any writer that wants to learn screenplay structure and how Hollywood views as-yet-unproduced writing.

Why did you begin screenwriting, and why might others begin writing screenplays?

I began writing screenplays because I love movies so much! I just love tinkering with the elements that make a compelling story and I love figuring out how to convey that on the page.


If you still feel uncertain as to whether or not you wish to join this class, here are a few more reasons for participating that may appeal specifically to YOU:

  • By learning what Hollywood views as a successful screenplay, you can both better write screenplays and better analyze movies.
  • Carlos designed this class for participants at beginning levels and experienced levels, so he can address your questions, no matter how basic or complex they may be
  • Meeting other people interested in writing always helps to re-kindle the writing knack
  • Whether or not you go on from this class to write best-selling scripts and stories, the tools you learn here will definitely add depth to all writing pieces you create, and will deepen your appreciation for well-written movies.

Films entertain people.  On December 7th, Carlos will do his best to teach the art of creating the entertaining magic that drives a script forward.  Come enjoy the company of creative friends, and learn what lies at the core of a successful Hollywood movie!


To purchase a place in this class, visit:

Adria Britton currently interns at San Diego Writers, Ink.  She is majoring in creative writing and minoring in non-profit organization business management at Point Loma Nazarene University.  She has traveled extensively, including an experience living abroad in Chile for a semester to learn Spanish and invest her time into a new community.  You can contact Adria at: